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  1. I like Aloth's more catty attitude in this game compared to the first. He's got a good line at the Woedican dungeon as well, when you find Oswald on trial: "need I remind you what happened last time we interrupted a trial?" Vatnir is a great source of funny lines as well. In FS when you get trapped in the lobby he says "Woe! All doors sealed, save the exits! Now we will have to leave! Alas!"
  2. You don't get a new body, your body is the same as it's always been. It's like Mass Effect 2 and 3, where the character is the same person as in the previous games but the player can choose to change them
  3. This is probably a bit late, but: There are some global values that can be modded for different difficulty levels- enemy health, defenses, etc. It'd be nice to have something like that for turn-based mode, so you could change some high-level things like enemy health and damage for turn-based mode only
  4. I'm curious too; they said they'd be taking feedback on turn-based combat up to the end of February, so presumably the time to chip in on that has passed
  5. Check this steam thread out and give the linked program a try: https://steamcommunity.com/app/560130/discussions/0/2572002906843374108/ Don't expect miracles- it did nothing for me- but people have said it's helped. I think the OP in that thread isn't up to date, this should be the most recent version: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://github.com/Kaldaien/SpecialK/releases/download/sk_special_projects/SK_MHW.7z
  6. The Ultimate. All challeges together, POTD only, no mods. Josh Sawyer tweeted it a while back; the image is his face and the constellation looks like a bike frame
  7. I had that too and it didn't affect the ending or his dialogue. Just a bug with the journal I think
  8. They don't have physical forms, though they could probably make another one if they wanted to. Could their bodies have reproduced? ...what a frightening question!
  9. Yes, with each DLC you're free to come and go as you please, with the exception of one climactic area in each DLC where the only way out is through is there one for FS? I don't remember... in fact I was on rymrgand's challenge and kept making trips out to harbinger's watch for some more of that lager and brew battered ysae. Yeah, you have to jump down a pit to get to the final boss room, a bit like in PoE1
  10. Yes, with each DLC you're free to come and go as you please, with the exception of one climactic area in each DLC where the only way out is through
  11. That's an interesting question- in the area maps you'd add items to an inventory using the hook script and use oei-hovered to find the ID, but the world map may be different- for example, changing the zoom range on area maps doesn't change it on the world map. A good place to start would be the items.gamedatabundle file, which contains all the lootlists- store inventories are a kind of lootlist as well. I'm not sure if merchant ships are in there, but ship battle loot and normal store inventories are, so merchant ships ought to be
  12. Did you find a note among the remains after fighting them? Might shed some light on what they're upset about...
  13. Yeah, it's a bit annoying. I had to switch to the Watcher's Blade for the raw lash. That and the Animancer's Blade are a good workaround
  14. Probably always makes sense. If there is a probable reason why something happened then there you go
  15. After Ashen Maw your character says Eothas is going to Ukaizo to break the Wheel, I think in your sleep. That combined with the fact Eothas has been heading towards Ondra's Mortar, and the enormous permanent clearly artificial storm being the logical place to look for something nobody's been able to find for thousands of years, is probably pretty conclusive
  16. The DLC is all out and I don't foresee any big content additions which would require a new game. The game will be officially Finished at the end of this month when they lock down their code for consoles. There's been hints that there might be a little extra content added but nothing big (maybe a conversation with a god, maybe a store)
  17. To the first question, it depends on the mod but generally speaking you can add a mod to a game in progress with no problems. To the second question... hmm no idea
  18. This is probably moddable actually, just change StoredExperiencePercent to 100. I'll see if I can knock a quick one up
  19. A little health meter on food to count down to when it spoils would be nice. Probably difficult to implement with stacking, but they could have a meter on a stack to show the soonest spoil time maybe. I was going to say a health meter on weapons would be nice too, but they break so quickly in practice it really isn't needed. If it didn't break this fight it'll break next fight!
  20. Merla! They are postenago. Ekera. I like the fact that if you know anything about the languages spoken on the northern shores of the Mediterranean, you can pretty well infer what they're talking about. The most unsuccessful coinage in my view is "fampyr". It's like a huge sign saying, "We wanted to change words just for the sake of changing words." It doesn't work at all. it works because you won't see a fampyr and automatically assume "I should cast a sunlight spell for bonus damage. Maybe I should eat garlic to boost my defenses" etc.
  21. Witcher 3 doesn't even have antagonists. The Wild Hunt have maybe five lines between them, and they all suck. I like the visual design of their armour. I guess?
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