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  1. Hello, I am trying to install a mod to the Steam version of POE on a Mac but can't find the location. The instructions are as follow: Extract all files into…\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundleand replace the files there. Any idea how to get there? I can find a couple of Pillars of Eternity files but neither have PillarsOfEternity_Data. Thanks.
  2. I was trying to clean up my saved games when I realized I was deleting the wrong character. Unfortunately the deleted files don't go to my trash. Is there anyway to find them? I'm playing the Steam version on a Mac. Thanks. EDIT: Wow, they're back! The game must have synched with the Steam cloud saves. I was hoping this would work but didn't have any luck at first. I must have done something in the right order.
  3. I'm on my first full play through, around 14th level, and have not traveled to the Ashen Maw for He Waits in Fire yet. Is it better to play the 3 expansions before finishing the main game or vice versa? I'm thinking in terms of game flow, access to items, and challenge. Opinions are appreciated!
  4. Based on my pre-generated history, benevolent soul, is it possible that my character did nothing in the prior game to receive a permanent bonus from A Distant Light? Is there a way to know what decisions were made for each pre-generated history? Thanks.
  5. According to Gamepedia, when the main character gets part of their soul back after completing A Distant Light, there is a permanent bonus based on what happened in POE 1. Does this still apply to new characters who selected a POE 1 path or only to imported characters? I'm playing the former and didn't seem to receive a permanent bonus. Thanks.
  6. How are additional weapon proficiencies and their modal abilities gained after character creation? I don't them in the ability trees. Thanks!
  7. Ok, after a couple of reloads, I restarted the game and that fixed the problem. Sky dragon kabobs for everyone!
  8. I can fight the other creatures in the temple but when I target the sky dragon, the attack from each character is skipped. The attack animation begins for a split second and then ends without attacking. Very frustrating! Playing steam version 3.02 for Mac with both expansions installed. This is the first and only trouble I've had with this problem. Please help!
  9. Ok, 2.01 is live but I continue to have the same problem with the Mac version. At max resolution, the game does not allow me to play in windowed mode and there is no way to minimize the game in full screen mode as far as I know. Am I missing something? This is very frustrating considering most games I play support at least one if not both of these functions. For a game like PoE, it's very useful to check reference material on the fly, without having to exit the game or drop down to a lower resolution. Please help!
  10. Thanks for the reply. It seems basic functionality is missing on the Mac side. Unless I'm overlooking something, of course. Cheers!
  11. Let me ask this question, does alt-tab work in the Windows version of the game? I've tried command-tab and option-tab on my mac with no luck. Does anyone know how to minimize the game on a Mac regardless of screen mode?
  12. I'm playing the Steam version on a Mac. Unchecking full screen mode doesn't allow me to play in windowed mode. Will this be addressed in the upcoming patch? Is there anyway to minimize the game to the dock in full screen mode? Thanks.
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