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  1. Sorry for the double post but I can’t control my own posts as I’m new and still under new account moderation. Here is a video from MY game, and as you can see the chest is not something you can open. https://youtu.be/UJcqJ1Nt1g4 And of course I’m done with act II with nothing else left to do. Apparently I can’t go back into this area after I finish this quest and I’m not sitting around waiting for a patch on a game that is years old.
  2. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/109111-bug-chest-missing-ravenwing-sanitarium-brackenbury-defiance-bay/ I attached a photo in that post. Watch this video please: @11:45 is shows this exact spot. I have searched the entire basement. My mechanics is 10. Not my video, but shows the guy getting ravenwing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MSDUCDWCiic
  3. No chart, nowhere in game or on the internet. In fact people have asked on other forums and get the same garbage answers that keep saying it’s attached to character level (ya, NS idiots, where’s the chart that shows progression so we can plan enchanting builds?) I’m character level 10 and would like to know what level I need to get enchanting 5? I’m currently level 4 enchanting. Why is enchanting and crafting so bad in this game? It feels so unfinished. The game screws you on enchanting if you mess up by not allowing removal of enchantments, but refuses to give you the information you need to plan. Nice. Brilliant.
  4. I’m in the lab room with Azo. There is supposed to be two boxes (containers) in this room, one with armor and one with a weapon. The armor one is there, and the chest (it has a pipe and a hookah? on top) but that one doesn’t open and looks static. My main’s perception is 18 so I know it’s not hidden. I’ve tried three saved games, including one 8.5 hours back when I first got to defiance bay, none of them have the chest as something that can be opened. The chest in there, and the one with the armor also in the same room is there and working, but the one that contains Ravenwing doesn’t appear to be something I can open. There isn’t any option like every other chest, it just looks like a static graphic you can’t open. Where is ravenwing? Did they move it in a patch or is this another bug in a sea of bugs I’m finding? I’d attach a screen shot but alas this forums are too technically advanced to attach photos to forum posts it seems. Welcome back to 1990. Nostalgic... Not really.
  5. I apologize for the awful image, blame these 1990’s level of technology garbage forums for the 500k file size limit. Way to money grub on your server storage space (which obviously the savings didn’t go to fixing bugs). This chest isn’t in the game anymore, at least in ANY of my saves. The other one in this room is there (with the armor) but the one containing Ravenwing is not opening. There isn’t even an option to open this chest, and it just looks like it’s part of the room decorations. After searching online, there is no mention of any change. Firearms damage based on strength. Ya that makes sense. Act 2 almost done and I can’t wait for this garbage to be over. Glad the 2md video game crash is here; it’s NEEDED. Let the industry burn.
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