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  1. VictorCreed died at level 14 today: He is doing pretty well, but he also needs level 16 to unlock the necessary skills. No megabosses or important battles as far as I know.
  2. I second that. Shadowdancer (No-sub rogue/Nalpazca) was my main character for a PotD playthrough, and he was awesome. Rogue and Monk passives grant high DPS, Flagellant's Path and The Dichtomous Soul make him even more mobile and versatile.
  3. You might want to max certain skills if you want to use certain items effectively. For example, some effects of Stalker's Patience and Mohora Tanga (unique spears) scale with Stealth and Survival respectively.
  4. What does this mean exactly? Do I still have to kill Scyorielaphas and Jadaferlas, even though it is possible to reason with them? Thanks.
  5. Liked Most: - Bekarna's Observatory - Evon Dewr (A Bridge Ablaze in BoW) - The rest of BoW - Ruins of Poko Kohara exterior. - Queen's Berth Liked Least: - None. Old City is the least aesthetically pleasing, but it serves its purpose being the least aesthetically pleasing location in the game
  6. I will back PoE3 as long as Obsidian remains Obsidian and PoE3 remains a PoE game (Infinity-inspired, RTwP and isometric). I don't mind supporting Obsidian as a part of Microsoft or any other corporation (except, maybe, EA).
  7. Onekaza is a treacherous snake. Huana are a bunch of isolationist bigots. Their caste system is a road to nowhere. Their "art" of watershaping is a lie, and probably violates some animal rights. So yes, they are the worst.
  8. Yeah, there is Izzia in Periki Overlook. She needs 3 quest items to craft a necklace. I could have missed this quest if not for you. Thanks
  9. Late game. FS and BoW completed. I've been ambushed twice on the streets of Neketaka: by followers of Skaen/Woedica and Magranites. Did I hurt their gods' feelings at some point of the game?
  10. 1. Sacrifice the gods and share their essence between Nemnok the Devourer and Tentaclehaut. 2. Get some candied nuts and watch the battle between the two.
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