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  1. Portimancy has a nice ring to it, but I do feel the ani- prefix should be part of the word. Can't recall anything about the Grey lands in-game either: Perhaps it's just a dog from the Living Lands.
  2. More random events are always nice, as long as they don't become too tedious.
  3. After some time passes in-game, he manages to learn passable Aedyran.
  4. I've been going through the FS for the first time over the past few days: Great DLC, both in combat and story, and I love the small bits of info sprinkled in everywhere, with quite a few screwed up conclusions. While there're quite a few notable bits of lore here, one thing that grabbed my attention was an ambient comment Rekke made when entering The Scriptorium, after defeating that memory eating thing, concerning his rescue from the wreckage: Now, this is ambient dialogue: I reloaded the area to check a few times and had Serafen talk about a pirate library he took us to in Dunnage, and Eder about a winery near Dyrford we supposedly saved from xaurips. It's easily missed, and even if you take Rekke along, getting this bit of information is fully up to chance, which is oddly fitting for the DLC. Also, all of the ambient remarks seem to be about events the watcher forgot about: Personally, I'd say it could be that defeating the memory eater somehow returned said memory to the party member mentioning it. To me, this simple comment showed the fundamental impact of the Hand Occult's activities on Eora: Sure, there're dozens of examples all through the halls of people, events and places removed from memory by their actions. But this one shows that even the Watcher had some of his memories erased: when it comes to Rekke, as far as we know, we just happened to find a guy adrift on a piece of flotsam. However, Rekke doesn't just ask what happened to a "friend" we've never had any other hints about: he mentions finding him in the actual wreckage rather than a small piece to cling to, something we definitely never found... right? Could be that Wael or his Hand is just screwing with us, of course. But for all we know, one of those memory-drained people stuck in the collections could be another Yezuhan we found, removed from existence by the Hand. And we'd never have known.
  5. It's like when you build a dam to control the flow of water coming from a lake. Sure, water flowed fine before you put the dam there, but breaking the dam doesn't mean it'll automatically return to how it used to be. The remaining machinery/blockade might clog up the entire lake, or the lake could run empty due to the flow being too heavy, etc.
  6. Honestly, while the game doesn't look like it'll have the deepest combat, or story, it definitely looks like it'll be quite an enjoyable ride. And after hardly playing anything but story-driven isometric CRPG's over the past few years, that may be exactly what i need
  7. And then Eothas went "Can't touch this" and did his thing anyway
  8. More subclasses, a Wael expansion, per-rest casting, no full healing between combat.... THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANTED Obsidian, thanks for being so awesome
  9. Replaying Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines, it really deserves a spot here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff1DjBe3LOM
  10. Honestly, let's look at the practical side here. If we actually managed to cure Boeroer's "addiction", we'd lose access to about 63% of the potential PoE builds. I'm not certain i'm ready to make that sacrifice.
  11. horses are supposedly very popular in Yezuha, and it may just be that they're not that common in the rest of Eora.
  12. I've only been propositioned once, by Irrena. Makes me wonder what the triggers are, or if it just picks a random crew member.
  13. They're just building him up for PoE3 where, after months of suckling on the essence of the Watcher and the souls following him, he usurps the place of Yezuha's god and launches a "crusade for shinies" on the rest of Eora.
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