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  1. Going after Benwith early gets a good (but not unique) pistol (and there is another fairly decent one lying around as well)
  2. Yeah, my sympathy for the Huana vanished the moment I wandered into the Gullet. Even if they do get magic reincarnation bonuses, its still extraordinarily fethed up behavior. Especially given the calculated opulence in the more upwards neighborhoods. (and the caricatured speech pattern is annoying anyway) After talking with people who live under the Raurati, the RDC seems the best option. They want land for food and most of these islands are empty. They also seem to do well on the knowledge vs ignorance score. A bit harsh, but I can live with that. The big downside is half the companions are faction aligned, and I can see which way the wind is blowing.
  3. Of course you weren't the only one to see it. But if you consider how its presented (especially the first time through) there isn't any reason to associate it with you. You wake up after the device and randomly see torture porn. OK, people obviously do weird rituals here, maybe they tortured people here and you're seeing spirits of the dead. Then you find you can talk to spirits of the dead. So the reasonable conclusion is this machine has let you see spirits and it has nothing to do with you. Maerwald is a feeble old man and trapped in some sort of weird loop where he's raping his mother to burn his village over and over again. (And lost any sense that its different people). While horrible, That is completely different from what you're presented by the game. Especially since it just seems like you're seeing more spirits (including the mother) So Maerwald is established as an unreliable source with personalities that are actively, if randomly, hostile towards you. After this point, you rarely see random visions of torture porn, and interact repeatedly with spirits, and its an actively useful Special Power that allows you to accomplish things no one else can. That the game occasionally pops up to tell you it is somehow a bad thing is utterly laughable.
  4. It is a problem. I'd rather just be an adventurer and fall into a natural story. These 'Chosen One and Epic Plotz!!!!' stories are consistently terrible. Where these games are good at all, its in the exploration and side quests, and sometimes the party. Baldurs Gate handles it probably the best of these games. The hook is the iron crisis, a regional problem that has discernable motives and moving pieces. Sadly its completely wrecked and abandoned to focus on the ridiculous Child of Bhaal thing. Can't grasp why being a wizard, warrior, or whatever isn't considered enough of a power fantasy. Its also weird since if they're putting so much effort into a world, why put so much into 'Epic Plotz!!!' that will destroy\reshape it?
  5. Definitely debating it. My cipher is just turning out to be a mediocre ranged attacker. Fights are either over too fast or I'm fighting high level stuff (like the constructs in the wizards manor) where I spend most of my time missing or no penning, so I can't generate focus to any meaningful degree. The sad thing is the constructs couldn't do any real damage to my party either, except with fan of flame, so it was just a matter of interrupting that while wearing them down, coupled with a few seconds of armor debuffs (if they hit). Combat just seems way out of tune.
  6. You...*buy* gear? Weird. (Seriously though, I save money to throw at the skill trainers I've found, since the skill system is horribly punishing and combat is kind of a joke) Anyway, don't know. I've found in general upgrades have been pretty rare. Except for whispers and benwith's armor (and pistol), almost everything I've got is starter stuff. Except a seemingly endless procession of poorly enchanted and redundant necklaces.
  7. For PoE1, it was the speed (which I'd say the main story is too fast, and padded with side quests that don't actually matter), but the railroad, with the scheduled stops for utterly massive exposition. You start with a freak accident that has nothing to do with you. You want to learn more, so you're looking for these people. Maerwald is required, and you're required to kill him... for reasons. Conveniently, he info dumps you for your next stop... where you learn about your three required fedex quests. Lady Webb then info dumps you and introduces literally everything, including the random guy you're chasing. but you can't go anywhere until the animancy hearings magically make the floods stop between the city and the next town. Any seemingly plot relevant decisions you made in the city are discarded when Evil Pope shows up and renders it all moot. So you chase him some more. He goes down a hole. You (probably) finish up a whole lot of side quests, then follow him down a different hole. Some dead elf randomly infodumps even more stuff at you. It vaguely relates to why the game wants to pretend you have trouble sleeping sometimes, even though that never actually mattered. The big problem with all the infodumps so far is they're savagely overwritten in lurid purple prose, and poke haphazardly and half-heartedly at questions covered in your local Intro to Philosophy course. But with literally 'a (mind) wizard did it' as the acceptable (and correct) answer. Finally you catch up to the guy who's made you lose sleep, accidentally. You're quest suddenly transforms to 'find out more' to a mandated murder. (For the crime of being nearby when you walked out of a cave). And incidentally, being the foremost cause of every atrocity the world has ever known. Luckily, despite succeeding completely in his plans for the souls of children, he had utterly failed to throw the switch on the machine, despite the fact that it probably took you a month or more to finish up all the sidequests, and he's been down there all that time. You then pick an ending, ME3 style, by throwing a switch on a machine. This is not a good story. The ongoing GrimDerp and the relentless stupidity, bigotry and ignorance of the settlers (or the natives) don't help any. So far Deadfire is... a little more approachable. The various factions are doing things for relatable and relevant human reasons. Unfortunately the main story seems to taken most of its cues from PoE1, but happily seems completely irrelevant to whatever is going on in the Deadfire. (at least so far).
  8. Which map is Rekke on? I was looking in Neketaka, but didn't see anything that fit. Of note, it is quite possible to succeed at Fessina's quest, and still be unable to recruit her. She... doesn't just want the gloves back. Oops.
  9. I want to know how she knows this. Or at least why she thinks she does.
  10. Yes. She's the girl from high school that you used to hang out with every day, but now barely remembers you. Blind beggars on the street have more relevance than Maneha in Deadfire. Even if she was with you all the way to the end. Any dragon hunters you may or may not have met, on the other hand...
  11. How so? The map of town has a box titled 'Leave town'
  12. Its cute, but not much more than a time waster. It doesn't involve player choice, though. It has zero affect on the game, just a novelty before restarting
  13. Not sure what you were expecting. These are people who want to come along, not secret unlockables. Achievements often aren't a measure of difficulty. Quite often dev teams just use them to track player behavior and progress.
  14. I am curious, which approach was that? For the record, I tried It was the former. I got an 'irresponsible' penalty at each stage of that solution. (Except rigging the device, which seemed completely irresponsible) Serafen also got it pretty much every time he had something to say, but that approach had several thrown my way.
  15. Ah. I prioritize diplomatic and rational, and he generally doesn't care. He is very angry because of the approach I took at Deadlight. He seemed to feel it was irresponsible, but to me it was simply the most efficient way of dealing with the situation. And not murdering lots of people. It isn't like *we* got blitzed- we just watched until the final key. But at this point, the only one he likes less is Serafen.
  16. For me (and streams i've seen), it triggers immediately after meeting Chokey and the little band of Dawnstars in Port Maje, at the beginning of the game.
  17. Based on the character, likely that he will give (or take) a few thrusts, but long term romance isn't a thing he does. Which, if you go through Fort Deadlight with him, isn't at all surprising.
  18. It seems pretty bad so far, though I haven't dealt much with the amauna factions (though first impression of the RDC was negative - the argument outside Arklemyrs mansion) Valians are grinding up souls for money and the principi are murderers cleaning house on racial\cultural lines. (Though your contact somewhat pretends that isn't what he's doing)
  19. I don't really see it as Berath having you over the barrel. It's a simple choice. Do you want to play Pillars of Eternity 2? Accept following Berath. Do you want to see the end credits and play something else? Do not follow Berath. Oh well. It *is* Berath having you over a barrel. Do this or die is pretty much the entirety of her argument. Nothing requires you to follow Berath. You don't have to build temples, convert the heathens or anything beyond chase the statue. All things considered (the watcher knows things about the gods she shouldn't and can learn more secrets), killing the Watcher off is actually the more rational course of action.
  20. I'd rather find a way to suppress Aloth, especially after hearing him talk about what he's been up to for the last five years. Iselmyr seems useful and fun. Aloth is a blithering, judgemental idiot.
  21. At the start? He mentioned his 'old friend' was a bit of a screamer, but not much else. I clearly did understand that. But... Tracking down a random ex doesn't prevent a romance between him and Chokey, so it doesn't make sense as a barrier for a romance between him and... anyone else. If his stance was 'I love screamer lady and no one else' that would be fine. But, 'can we track her down so I can get with Chokey now' is a different message altogether. Especially when he turns around and complains about how young and clueless she is.
  22. Nope, there are only a few keeping on constantly (like if you have a dagger in your off hand). Even that depends. If you want to do damage, turning that on isn't worthwhile.
  23. At the start? He mentioned his 'old friend' was a bit of a screamer, but not much else. But it doesn't seem to put the kibosh on the game going for E-dare\Chokey shipping
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