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  1. They're bisexual. Or at least Tekehu, Maia, Xoti and Serafen are all bisexual - don't know if Aloth ever expresses any interest in anyone other than the Watcher, so he could be playersexual. But everyone else is is explicitly attracted to both men and women and can mention this during the course of the game regardless of whether or not the Watcher romances them. I mean, I don't think making playersexual character is a sign of moral decline anyway, but that's not really what they did. Most of them would literally go after anything. It doesn't matter if you are the most hideous death godlike they'll ever know, because the only thing that matters to them is that you are the Watcher. It's just the laziest, cheapest way to introduce "romance" in a game and I honestly think that it would be better without this. Maybe, probably due to bugs in the relationship system or I don't know, these romances develop way too fast right now. I would prefer a game without these makeshift romances and more "true friendship forged in adversity". 'True friendship?' The mark of these companions is they have an agenda (and masters, for the most part), and you're just the vehicle for it. (Well, except Tekehu, poor little lost duck). That was true in PoE1 as well- you had useful Special Powahz, so they stuck around. Of course, the lack of anything resembling adversity in this game would make it difficult to friendship friendship that way. But then I find these writers have real difficulty writing the companions as people first, rather than full on caricatures and 'archetypes.' I still feel they were most successful with Sagani.
  2. Because people have fetishized stealing this baby beyond the capacity of rational thought. Or they're just getting into this setting's penchant for slavery. One of those.
  3. Vampire. Others: xauvrip is pronounced 'kobold' laugufether: 'sahuagin' Don't try to tell me your knock off of a knock off is something special and unique.
  4. As far as I could tell they were hostile for no apparent reason. The animals are giant, the druids are attacking, well, we killed some idiots crouching in a bog, quest... over, I guess? 'Great' design. It reminded me of the 'Druid Attacks' in BG2. The person in charge was doing it for the lulz. No reason, just quest XP.
  5. I wasn't aware mugging was a capital offense now. Prison overcrowding is a big problem in Deadfire. Yeah. Just look at all those corpses stacked up in the Old City...
  6. Could you elaborate? I can perhaps see the "chore" part, as combat required more of the player's attention in the original. But, since most fights in Deadfire do not reward or punish the player for paying attention and actually using tactics, I'm failing to see how most combats are actually interesting in Deadfire? They aren't, particularly. But at least they're faster. it helps make them a little less dull. Though sadly PoE1 had more functional/impactful combat mechanics
  7. Have a persistent problems with enemies not dying but becoming untargetable in combat instead. First started on the Painted Mask village (after going in the back entrance- cleared the cave, but usually one villager or animal companion shows this behavior outside). Seemed unavoidable, so I left without exploring the village. Recurred again in a random shrine on an island, reloaded, didn't recur Started a fight at the slave auction in Crookspur, now have three separate untargetable enemies standing around casting spells, keeping me in combat. I suspect this will be a persistent problem for the rest of this playthrough. Tried again, and now Aloth is at 0 Health with no injuries, red portrait and unselectable.
  8. I feel like they utterly failed in this. Now almost every fight is a trash fight, and apart from Neketaka, there isn't much talking. You can do the round of the city once when you get there, and just follow up as the quest journal dictates. The quest givers might as well all line up at the docks after your first visit, given how pointless the city becomes. I didn't think they could manage to make combat even less engaging, but Josh found a way. The ogres early in the endless paths were more intereasting opponents.
  9. It's easier than tyranny. Sorry. I had Pallagina set up as a greatsword fighter in her basic armor, and she still tanked a boss fight against a boss 4+ levels higher than her. Never went below 75% health. I just sat back and spammed disintegrates at it. Missed a lot because of the 100 defense (vs. my 60 accuracy), so the fight went on for a good 5-6 minutes, but the outcome was never in doubt.
  10. Yes, this is the weakest part of the main story. Any guy could do it. It's worse than that; if you romance Maia, you find that Hylea can watch what's going on in the world from birds. Any birds. Finding Eothas was never any problem for the gods. As for his motives, most of them give no f's for his motives. Some of them even get involved in what I view as one of the cardinal sins of storytelling: having a solution but just not executing it. Ondra and Magran suddenly start advocating for blowing Eothas the hell up with volcanos and underwater vents and crap. You can actually agree with them, and they settle on this being a fine solution to the problem. And then... they don't do that. They actually come to decision about taking action and simply... don't, and you go back on the rails. The last time I saw this in a game was the terrible 'Siege of Dragonspear' 'expansion' for Baldur's Gate, where the villain proposes you team up with her, you agree and then she disagrees. Seriously, wtf? This seems cut in the same mold and 'quality' of writing. i really want an non 'epic' game where an adventurer/adventurers have exciting adventures and interesting campaign arcs on a local/regional level, not philosophical drivel and kicking over the entire setting shortly after its introduced to the audience. Seen it too many times (Bioware is especially guilty of this, but several D&D settings have the same problem- Dark Sun being the poster child for this. City States with Dragon Kings! Year one: Mostly dead Dragon Kings by way of the intro novels and first adventure trilogy) ---- @Ontarah- the really aggravating thing about PoE1 and the belief/disbelief thing is the answer presented is horrifyingly simplistic: they absolutely exist, are giant jerks, and belief/disbelief does not matter in any way at all, rendering all questions raised entirely moot. Except for Sagani's, because she actually behaved like a person rather than a flawed attempt at a philosophical archetype, and could focus on what her journey meant for her.
  11. Eh? if that was supposed to be the case, it did a really bad job of highlighting it. The hollowborn thing was real (though not a curse by gods, living or dead) and it was rather intact and full of people and trade for a 'war burned' land. Overall impression is they lost a bridge that you never see to a people they didn't like and preferred not to deal with.
  12. Big news for me is not fixing companion dispositions or reactions this patch. Will probably just rack up a few more blessing points and shelve this mess until the dlc packs arrive. Spare myself the various tinkering patches as they try to work out a direction for the game mechanics after the fact. Knew there was trouble when they hadn't worked out might/strength right before the April release date, and then immediately pushed it back.
  13. Fairly similar: wildly inconsistent. But the True Grimderp is a bit rarer, and the population doesn't consist entirely of bigoted idiots.
  14. I'm not 'objectively' wrong, lmao. I literally described the process to you, point by point, but even that isn't enough? There's nothing DIFFICULT about it, it doesn't require skill to overcome, it's not particularly a hardship. It's just an annoyance. A stupid, unnecessary annoyance. Sorry to say but your last sentence describes how I feel about your responses to my posts. But let's forget how objectively wrong you are for the sake of progress. Another probably better way to deter resting in potd difficulty would be that in dangerous areas there would be random encounters when attempting to rest. There are plenty of other ideas too! All thwarted by leaving, resting and coming back. The only 'difficulty' involved was the designers' inability to optimize loading times.
  15. Yea, but YOU also can convince her to not release souls and keep them in lanter. that's how quest branching in RPG's works, it's always players decision. at least that's how i see it.Eh? Her default desire is to take souls. You have to say no. The player should be able to influence companions, but it shouldn't always be the player's decision. That was exactly what was wrong with Pallegina in the first game. Thats just a puppet, not a companion.
  16. [Xoti's quest ending spoiler warning, just in case]During her quest, i convince her to give souls from Lanter to Animancers, and she said, after it her nightmares are gone and lantern feels light as never before. so... good ending? maybe? Yeah, but YOU convince her. Her inclination is to just hoard them for no good reason. Does she want ghosts? Because that's how you get ghosts.
  17. I don't think this really needed outside beta work. The problems with the companions are _really_ obvious. Especially with Chokey losing her crap at Pallegina the moment the latter joins the party. Someone should have flagged that internally, especially the devs who were bragging about playing on twitter during the delay month. Were they just ignoring problems?
  18. Wow. The full bioware/blizzard move- stuff part of the plot in a novel and just assume it makes sense in game without referencing it at all.
  19. is she? i think she's nice, helping dead people to get back to the Wheel. She isn't though. She's trapping them in a soul cage. Possibly to feed them to her all-devouring god. The watcher actually helps the souls of the dead, and shouldn't allow her to cage anyone else.
  20. Cake is a lie, you know?. It isn't. It's just not for you.
  21. A la Garrus? So... A romance option, then. But yeah, I think you've nailed this down pretty well. A reasonably stated premise for why trumps 'well, he just isn't,' with a shrug.
  22. Don't buy food. The game throws it at you. Sell the giant piles of stuff the game hands out. I've got a giant pile of superb and extraordinary equipment to sell off, I doubt I'll need money for anything at this point.
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