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That's cool. Hopefully I'll get my badges, as well as the green K I've been missing for a few years now.

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Based on the new icons at left, I see the sticker brigade made another pass through the forums. At least that's what I call the folks who go around applying stickers to things where I work.  :)

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Yay! And do our badges get updated automagically?


I'll check with this post. :)


EDIT: Nope.


EDIT 2: After I logged in and did the checkout procedure, it works like a charm. I love the two lower badges, the Fig one and the Bastards one.

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@TheisEjsing: Se! Vi har samme merker (I hope I got that Danish right! :) )


If I did, it'll mean: "Look, we have the same badges".

Haha! :D You sure got it right. We got a letter called æ, we use in the word mærker (badges), but the rest is A+. ^_^ 


And yes we do! We're pretty cool guys!  :biggrin:

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Should have a shiny new badge too! :)


While I was at it, upgraded my pledge with a couple addons that I could not quite afford at the time of the fig campaign.

Let's hope they promote the game a little more, more people do that and we reach that last remaining goals.

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What does the "Fig Backer" mean? That you people are cosidered "investors" or just that you backed it on Fig? Or is that one in the same?


It means the same thing as your Kickstarter badge - that you backed the game through that website.


Honestly, I don't get it why. Like one badge wasn't sufficient?

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Am I'm the only one without imported bage, yet?

You need to log into the backer portal on Obsidian's website and confirm all your stuff there first before your badges will show up.  Mine didn't show up either until I had done that.

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