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  1. Been seeing a lot of activity in this thread for quite a while and it looks interesting but not sure exactly what it is you guys are working on. That's some sort of giga balancing mod correct? Is it something that's a long way from release or do you have some sort of preview or alpha somewhere?
  2. There will be. Because that's how it goes with any piece of software. Hopefully as few as possible and hotfixes will be out quickly.
  3. 5.0 looks really good, now I'm even more excited to try it out! Hopefully, quality was a major focus and it won't need many 5.1, 5.2, etc
  4. Wednesday is a public holiday in France so if you guys would be so kind as to release the patch this evening, that would be much appreciated Kidding, take your time (but still, that would be cool!)
  5. I find this xp penalty kinda weird too and not particularly justified... I was planning my next playthrough now that all DLC are out and wanted to do companions for crit path and sidekicks for DLC and the only idea I came up with to not gimp myself was to not recruit the sidekicks until lvl 16 or so, when I actually start the content (since, as far as I remember, new recruits start at the PC level)
  6. Was extremely disappointed with both Xoti and Maia so a clear none for me. Which is sad because I realize all the work that probably went into the relationship system but dit not pay off...
  7. Can someone with access to the beta screenshot some of the abilities from the new subclasses? Curious what Forbidden Fist and Blood Sacrifice really do. Thanks!
  8. I think he meant Visual Novel. Google it, should be explicit enough. Also : I'm replaying BG2 right now and in my opinion, the Jaheira romance just does. Takes the whole game to complete, lots of interesting, back and forth dialogues, that's what writers should strive to do even though so far, it really is the exception rather than the norm. And Deadfire's romances were certainly not up to par.
  9. Received mine today. They do look cheap, that is for sure and I'm disappointed, especially given the price. That being said, it's not as bad as the pictures, I thought, so I'm not crossing the "this is not acceptable" line either. Still, I expected better.
  10. Big thanks to the team for the patch, increasing difficulty will do a lot of good, as far as my enjoyment of the game goes. Also, Completely useless but totally indispensable. Brian and Dimitri, you guys are the best!
  11. The "god" part is the weakest of Deadfire's story. Eothas just wasn't really interesting and well executed compared to the factions. So no, I don't think it would have been any good. Also, too similar to Divinity which is far too recent in my memory.
  12. Portrait looks good and we kinda lack darker / more evil companions so I'm all for it!
  13. Thank you very much for starting this thread, especially since I've missed a few of those! I know what I'll be doing this evening
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