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  1. Same Issues for me as well. Mine was an import from PoE1. Everything is fine Eder finally has the right backstory, Vela is on the beach. but once I get to the ship she is gone again . Edit- Ok, weirdly enough when I switched to the deck after doing some stuff she was there having a talk with Sef, but I reloaded and she was gone again.
  2. I can't remember where the faster movement stuff came from, but it definitely wasn't me. I even tried to slow down movement speed before I enlisted Bester's aid. Thank you for the post. I was starting to wonder if Karkarov was correct and that the walk toggle was just an accident. I am glad it was not. What are your views on having a walk toggle in the game before modding ?
  3. I am hoping that the matter is still being considered. These are features that, even if not the whole community atleast a large portion would like to see this feature in the game, even if they never use it. I am still hoping that we can convince them to add the feature in.
  4. Or in a city market looking at various goods. It definitely adds to the game far more than it takes away. . Sorry it took me a while to respond been playing TToN (Probably like most of you), Sadly having to stop playing until they patch.
  5. Because they didn't care so they didn't even try. I think it was some loud voices on the codex that got them to do it. How hard was it to code? Don't know, but it couldn't have been too hard or Bester would not have done it as he didn't want to put a ton of effort into it. Here is the thing though. That was Eternity 1, on Unity 4. This is Eternity 2 with Unity 5. Just because it was "somewhat easy" on the old version doesn't mean the same is true now. We don't even know if they have made walking animations for the PC's, and if they haven't walking basically is a no go. They have walk animations for the PC's they have been showing them of in some of the vids. Such as slowing to a walk while walking through water or while walking on sand etc. And they have admitted out-rite that it would be very simple for them to add in.
  6. Solution for the programmer / designer in question: Download IE Mod, take a look at at the code regarding the walking toggle, integrate it into POE2 - done. It's already there, folks. They do not have to invent the wheel a second time. Just give the player access to it... (it's an RPG, so please let me roleplay.) Anyhow, I think Jerek is right and this discussion is going nowhere. Saw the same thing happen in the old thread(s) where people asked for a walking toggle and some folks came in and opinions clashed. I think an optional toggle with no gameplay mechanics attached to would be perfectly fine for both camps here. Don't like it: don't use it. And until a developer comes out and proves me otherwise, I cannot believe that such an option would me a massive undertaking to implement - even more so because it got modded in to POE1 with no proper tools or easy access for modders to do really anything with the game. Josh even said "it would be so minor an adjustment it would take no time at all" He just doesn't see a point. I never took part in the forums in PoE1 as at that time I just assumed the game would be the way it would be. But now knowing that this is how you ask for features, and at this stage is when they get done. I just want a complete game this time. After Tyranny (Don't get me wrong I really liked the game) and how short and chopped up it was, I just want to make it known especially for an RPG that ANYTHING that adds to Immersion, Walk Toggle, Neutral colors for Neutral NPC's, Game and story length among many others, STRONGLY ENHANCE THE GAME. If someone with more experience with forums like this would be willing to tell me how to put up a poll I will.
  7. And that is your opinion. Though you seem to be forgetting also from a business perspective that this is a kickstarter/backer project and that those who backed said project and funded its over 4mil budget, also have a right to request features. The fact it is a feature that you personally don't seem to want/like (going by the tone of your post) does not mean it is a feature others would dislike to see in the game. IE Mod one of the most requested features was the walk toggle. Some of us would like it for immersion as this is a roleplaying game, and as such the reason I backed the game. I loved the first game. The only thing that felt off after having played BG1/2, PT, ID and Even fallout 1/2 and Tactics was the loss of a walk option. Once I found IE Mod my enjoyment of the game grew even more. Hence the reason I have backed at the DCE level, and plan to increase my pledge during development. I even have TToN of my computer (I backed it too), and am playing it now. Please remember that the feature is already in the game. All that is left to do is give the players the ability to turn it on and off at will. Obsidian even said the effort to put it in would be so minor it could be done without a problem. And as to the point that you don't believe that that Obsidian would care as its a numbers game is the reason for these posts to begin with. I and from what I can tell more than a few others would love to see it implemented. And it is at these point during development that you need to ask these things. and as to your 5% statement, 5% of over 4mil is nothing to scoff at.
  8. Yikes. I am otherwise all for a walk toggle, even though I wouldn't use it myself, because it seems like something that would make a portion of players happier in the game without making it any less fun for people who don't care to use the feature. This suggestion is basically the opposite of that. People who enjoy RPing walking aren't all that likely to even experience being followed by guards because they're inclined to walk anyway. The people who have to deal with it are going to be the power gamers and the big group of people who RP a bit but aren't total sticklers for realism, and it's just going to make them angry that the game is forcing them to stare twice as long at the screen to get anything done in a city area. If the walk toggle is to be mechanically useful rather than just an appearance difference, it seems like it should be something that gives players who want to use it an experience they'll find fun rather than making players who don't use it do something they find boring. As I said he wanted some suggestions , I just want the Walk toggle for immersion and roleplay.
  9. Dodging is visual feedback and clarity for the Player during combat. Of course, it isn't necessary because floating text "Miss!" works, or in the combat log (that feels like a Twitch stream chat window, i.e. you need to pause n' scroll a lot in the log to keep up with it). ​Walking is only for roleplaying in pretty much any game out there. Only game I can think of where they found good usage of it is in Assassin's Creed (Hiding/Blending). It's also mostly useful in slow escort missions or missions where you need to tail someone (Which are also some of the most frustrating missions because the PC walks faster than everybody else *shakes fist*). ​I remember in one game (a JRPG, don't remember which one), some random NPC I talked to commented something like "You're the kid that runs around everywhere?" and ever since then (I was a kid) it made me think, "Wouldn't it have been cool if there'd been a reaction if I hadn't been running?". Because, you're sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd. If I was running/jogging in my hood everywhere (everywhere​), people would start to recognize me as "That's the dumb weird kid running around everywhere" wouldn't they? ​Anyways, what are some good uses for "Walking", except Roleplaying? ​- Stealth: Combined with ordinary cloth (<- Condition), you'd blend in in a crowd and that assassin looking for you won't approach you and try to kill you. Instead, you might just walk past him. Surveillance, recon, and infiltration. You're in the Guardroom, dressed as a Guard trying to listen in on a conversation. In the region you choose to walk around, if you run around Guards will start to get suspicious or wonder why you're in such a hurry everywhere. ​- Wilderness: Wild beasts won't just instantly attack you, but instead just observe you (I'm thinking Giants and Mammoths from Skyrim, who just observe you and attack if you get closer). Fast movements may upset or make them feel threatened, Running = They attack. ​- Cities: ??? some more examples Cities: Running would put guards on "Alert" status making it harder to do anything illegal or even in certain areas call in reinforcements and begin following the player. Or as you said with wilderness maybe it would force comabt from certain missions instead of talking to you they assume you are going to attack and react thusly. It is hard to come up with alot of reasons and put them in a list. But as you also said it IS a Roleplaying Game and as such being given the option to roleplay with or without other effects is in and of itself part of the immersion. Add to the fact the animations are already in just means giving the player a hotkey-bind to walk outside of cutscenes. there does not have to be a design made for the UI just a bind option in the options-keybind section.
  10. No I assumed trolling due to the fact you did not come in and comment that you are not interested in the feature, or think it useless. You immediately stated that the developers should not listen to any of us who want the feature, and then immediately stated how much you love big head mode.
  11. Though I am assuming you are trolling, I will respond. The fact that the animation is already in just means adding a hot-key toggle. This does not take away time for anything else, and the point that at this stage of the games development is when this stuff SHOULD be done or considered. Hence the point of a game being backed and the backers making suggestions and requests as to what they would like to see in the game.
  12. He said 6mil. and that he wasn't serious. And this REALLY should not be a stretch goal.
  13. Well hopefully both the walk toggle and the neutral color circles can be moved a little up the list then . There seem to be more people who are interested in these features than you guys thought . And thank you for responding to this thread . After the livestream I doubted that they would even be considered.
  14. So why not just make it hotkey-able? (That is too a word! :-P ). I don't understand why they can include bobble-head mode but not a way for my guys to walk, dammit! That is what we mean by a toggle . And I am of the same opinion on the bobble-head mode, used it once had a laugh never touched it again. However with the walk toggle (IEMOD) I use it alot. Sometime when going through an area for the 4th 5th time I will say F'it and run but then I go back to walking.
  15. Given that the situation there is similar to how it is in PoE ( pc characters walk in cutscenes), AND given that walk toggle was modded in PoE, we all know it's possible. I do not understand the heavy opposition to it, either. Yeah, the fact it is not there seems to be biting them in the ass right now. And the comment "You can use a controller" seems to be pissing off the community even more :S. Its sad (though true) that they are criticizing both PoE 1 and Tyranny for ignoring it now as well (Steam posts). I really hope that Obsidian changes there stance on this feature as well. Especially since in Tyranny case, there was not much of a modding community due to the poor reception of the game and NOT the lack of interest in the feature. I personally really liked Tyranny with the exception of the 3rd act and a couple chopped up story lines in the 2nd act. Overall I would love to see an expansion or a sequel to the game (As long as it is not chopped up for replayability) as I enjoyed the story.
  16. They have confirmed on the forums of TToN that the walk toggle WILL be added in a later update. My Forum name over there is Taziel since my standard Joral was taken and I also had a discussion concerning the walk toggle there. copy pasted response "There is no walk toggle in the game as of now with mouse/keyboard, but I've added it to our list of things to look at for a future update."
  17. As am I. I had thought about the poll idea a while ago but the forums were not as active, and I was sure it would be ignored. I did not know about the poll for PoE1 and was surprised to find out about it. It was more about that every other question got a solid and calm explanation and reason, And this question did not. Walking is about immersion, and immersion is what I'm after when i'm playing an RPG. It'd be weird if what I'm saying now would be a surprise to a veteran gamer/developer such as him, because if you ask most any hardcore roleplayer, one of the first things you'll hear is to walk everywhere it's appropriate to walk. Besides Pillars, I don't remember the last RPG I played that didn't have walking. Some have been more annoying about it than others(having it be a button you hold instead of a toggle), but they've all had it. I agree it is all about the immersion, it adds to the game. And yes, again the point of a toggle would be so people who want it could use it. And those who do not, Do not have to use it. The fact that they have stated it would be so minor to add, makes me wonder why they did not in the first place. *Edited for grammar I just woke up and am not fully coherent yet*
  18. Hopefully they will put up a thread saying how far along the stretch goals we are still progressing on the backer portal soon .
  19. I am also hoping that it will be modded in if they choose not to add it as a feature. And since it is already in the game, the option to have it as a toggle would have made sense. I do not know why he was so harsh with his statement. It almost seemed like a personal hatred for the feature rather than a "its a low priority right now" statement. I am not trying to cause an argument, I love Obsidian games. During the live stream all other questions got actual answers and explanations, but this question got dismissed with disdain and condescension. As a backer and fan of Obsidian games I was just stunned with the tone of response. I still do not know how to react. The only thing I know I want to do is try and show that there are more people who are interested in this sort of feature, especially in an RPG. Though after seeing and hearing the tone of his response and the look on his face, I doubt it would matter. However I plan to try. so I will keep commenting, and asking people if they would like to see a walk toggle in the game. And I will try to set up a poll once the forums become more active with people interested in the game. So please keep commenting on this thread.
  20. Most likely. However I believe I am already at that point. I will wait and see.
  21. Yet they added big head as an option. Maybe someone else can get a better response . Going for a walk, have a good day guys. Thanks for listening.
  22. The way he said it was a little harsh as well. Considering I have Backed the DCE I have no idea what to think right now, going to just walk away for abit and think. I personally would have thought the option since they said it would not be difficult to add in would be atleast considered instead of dismissed that way.
  23. *Sigh* I got a joking answer on the livestream, 6mil goal *Sigh*. Apparently there are not enough people interested in it to add it to the list. Kind of not the answer I think we wanted . Basically the statement was " it is so far down on our list of things, so no" Ok well that kind of took my mood and tanked it.
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