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Which faction will you ally with first?


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  1. 1. Who will you ally with on your first playthrough?

    • Queen Onekaza, Second of Her Name
    • The Queen's Brother, Prince Aruihi
    • The Valian Trading Company
    • The Royal Deadfire Company
    • The Principi sen Patrena
    • Eothas
    • Fulvano the Dashing
    • No allies, I'll take 'em all on!!

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How are you gentlemen. Sorry for all the random polls, but I’m just so bored at the moment… (especially since the fig campaign ended).

Let’s talk about the factions. Who will you side with on your first playthrough!?


Queen Onekaza II: Pretends to be weak, but plays the invaders against each other.


Prince Aruihi: Wants to unite the Huana and throw off the yoke of the foreign invaders.


The Valian Trading Company: Spreading the evil of modern banking to the four corners of Eora.


The Royal Deadfire Company: Uses their large armada to dominate the seas.


The Principi sen Patrena: A network of pirates, preying on all the new arrivals.

I’m very curious about what “Principi sen Patrena” means. Principi sounds like it could be pseudo Italian for “princes” or “principles”. “Sen” could be “without”? (like Italian “senza”). Any ideas?


Eothas: Burn the traitors and non-believers!


Solo: If there is an option to reject all alliances and just beat the crap out of everyone.

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Possibly the Principi sen Patrena, depending on the extent of their present ties to Old Vailia (which may be trying to reassert its traditional hold over what has become the Republics). Aruihi sounds like he's probably the best fit for my Dissident Watcher, but as a member of the native aristocracy Aruihi'll probably end up in the fire too. My first playthrough will most likely involve playing along with one or more of them for a time but ultimately going renegade.

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I'm an Old Vailian dissident... so the The Principi sen Patrena​ sounds interesting.


Also, I'm a huge fan of the FoNV Yes Man approach, so I'd probably want to do just that.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Josh translated Principi sen patrena somewhere. IIRC it was something like "Princes without a ruler." Free princes. Would fit a gang of noble-born pirates well. 


If not that, it might mean something like "princes without an inheritance" -- landless princes. Would also fit.


Reasoning: Patrena clearly comes from the Latin root pater (father) -> gives us "patron" or -> "patrimony" ~ inheritance. My Vailian isn't good enough to guess which, but I am leaning towards the former. Latin for "princes without a patron" is "principes sine patrono" which is pret-t-t-ty close...

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I didn't realize that the Valians are technlogically advanced enough to have noodle making abilities.


There better be an in-game linguine and kraken with white wine sauce craftable recipe.

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octopus can be tough.  am suspecting kraken will be even more resistant to tenderizing.  recommendation: while is considered sacrilegious to freeze seafood, for octopus we use a flash freeze followed by a refrigerator defrost. as long as freeze is fast, the ice crystals formed will be relative small and will not alter the octopus much save to tenderize. slow freezing makes for larger and more destructive crystal formation in your seafood or meat or whatever.  quick freeze is like having thousands o' microscopic knives make improbable small cuts to 'muscle' tissues. even so, if you like your octopus as mild as possible, with little seafood taste, then avoid our freeze suggestion.  


HA! Good Fun! 

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The Valian Pizza and Pasta Trading Company. But only if they supply unlimited garlic parmesan bread sticks with dipping sauce for free.


But take care, they have a special kind of torture for those who eat pizza with pineapple.


Is this list of factions actually a list of in game factions?


In any case, Principi seem good to me. Most of my PoE characters were Old Vailians so it kinda fits.


Nothing is really confirmed. These are just my guesses based on the info we have. There will probably also be opportunities to work with other gods again.

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Where did you get the info on each of the factions?


As to which I'll allign myself to... I'll see how I find them in the game itself. It's too bad that there doesn't seem to be a faction providing dialogue and peaceful coexistence between all cultures, but I guess that'd make the choice too easy.

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Where did you get the info on each of the factions?


Backer update. Quote:


"With this discovery, opportunists flock to the unclaimed riches from different corners of the globe. Eager to turn a quick profit, the Vailian Trading Company brings bankers, merchants, miners, and animancers to dig up every last fleck of luminous adra. From distant Rauatai, the Royal Deadfire Company brings an armada to colonize and fortify the region in the name of civilizing the wild frontier. Last but not least, the Príncipi sen Patrena - a network of pirates who trace their lineage back to Old Vailia -peck away at the new arrivals with skill and calculation.

From the great city of Neketaka, Queen Onekaza II watches as these foreign powers encroach on the homeland of her people. To all outward appearances, she is an installed figurehead, lacking any true power over the combined might of the Vailians and Rauataians. She is smart enough to encourage this misconception, letting it grow so that she is perpetually underestimated by her enemies (even as she pits them against each other). At her side stands Prince Aruihi, observing her seeming inaction with disapproval. Though he lacks his sister's flair for subtlety, he makes up for it with the charisma and determination to unite the Huana against a common foe."


The final 3 polls options were sucked out of my thumb. But considering PoE1, one would assume that there will be an opportunity to work with a God in PoE2 as well.

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