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Which faction will you ally with first?


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  1. 1. Who will you ally with on your first playthrough?

    • Queen Onekaza, Second of Her Name
    • The Queen's Brother, Prince Aruihi
    • The Valian Trading Company
    • The Royal Deadfire Company
    • The Principi sen Patrena
    • Eothas
    • Fulvano the Dashing
    • No allies, I'll take 'em all on!!

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We don't know who the actual factions are yet, much less their motivations.  The only confirmed factions are...

The Valian Republics, or whatever group they are funding there.
The Ruatai, they also have agents doing stuff in the Deadfire.
The Principe San Patrena, AKA dirty pirates.
The locals, they are the people that live there already :p
The Thieves Guild/other Criminal Scum, this has been strongly hinted at but no real info has been given.

I seriously doubt the potentially dead Fulvano, much less Eothas, represent factions.  Let's not forget Berath is going to be "very interested" in things happening here as well.  But yeah, you can say "screw em all", and go your own way too.

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Played first game as a meadow human rogue from the Deadfire Archipelago with raider/highwayman background. Specialised with a blunderbuss.

RP'd that all the killing started to weigh on his soul but his old crew didn't want that because he was/had been an effective, ruthless killer.

So he decided to leave and got caught up with becoming a Watcher.

So it's actually cool that the sequel brings my character back to his roots... I honestly don't know who he'd side with.

I think he'd probably side with the queen or the Royal Deadfire Company.

The queen probably because he sympathises with an underdog, appreciates a subtle approach and he'd do it perhaps as means of making amends for his bloody past.


The Royal Deadfire Company might be considered on the basis of whether or not they bring stability to the region that the queen may be incapable of providing. It would be a cold and more pragmatic choice though, as their presence might serve as some kind of existential threat to the native culture/tradtions of Neketaka. But I am projecting here... I have no clue as to what the relationship is between any of these factions and what their real goals are - let alone solid details of the plot itself.


Doubt he'd want to join the pirates as those are the types of people he turned his back on.

The Valian's might bring infrastructure of a sort with their knowledge of trade, but he's wary of their preoccupation with animancy and all the nonsense that introduces.

Eothas can do one as far as he's concerned. Dude almost killed him.

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