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  1. On the topic of the writing... Having the option to ask Rymrgand in Beast of Winter: Why are you such a jerk? Was one of the cringiest bits of written dialogue I've read in this game.
  2. I'm playing a pale elf and didn't romance anyone during my play-through. He'd certainly be interested in Ydwin though if they fleshed her out as a companion.
  3. Found the dragon battle difficult so opted to convince it to fight Rymrgand instead (need about 13 ranks in metaphysics iirc). Couldn't get through the fight without Vatnir or Ydwin getting smashed. I've managed to go through the game on veteran difficulty without a single knockout (later realising there's no achievement for doing so this time). The Beast of Winter though was decidedly easier. I had Aloth hit it with an empowered Concelhaut's Corrosive Skin and then 2 Crushing Doom spells. Along with Vatnir spamming some toxic strikes and Edér with the knock downs, I kicked it's arse.
  4. Ignore this post - I deleted it because I wasn't really saying anything new that adds to this discussion.
  5. *some spoilers - not sure how to do the tags* ... ... ... 1. Neketaka. Loved exploring this place and I liked that on the drawn map that there were areas one couldn't click on - In my imagination I was thinking that these will be the residential areas, warehouses, the back alleys etc - it's a small thing but it had me process the city as having a bigger scale where thousands of people are living. Indeed these were alluded to in the occasional text based bits too. The map is so often taken to be the exact territory in games. 2. The balance of show and tell. I think the original game w
  6. Yeah, 2-3 extra levels would have been good on your way up to the top.
  7. My first playthrough was with a meadow human rogue with the raider background from the Deadfire Archipelago. More a test character than anything - I tend to like sneaky characters in classic DnD so it seemed a safe bet. Second playthrough was with a pale elf cipher with the mystic background from the White that Wends. I used this character for my Deadfire playthrough and multiclassed as an oracle (cipher-druid). Chose this as a pure RP concept out of it seeming like a good narrative fit for a protagonist. As a cipher/mystic he'd received visions his entire life and this ability became more
  8. Wael godlike could be hermaphrodites with a third eye. Natural polyglots perhaps. The third eye could represent hidden knowledge and the hermaphrodite aspect could represent Wael's shifting form. Perhaps they could shift between ages or take one gender other another.
  9. Well they're not run-of-the-mill type vessel's from my understanding. They're not like fampyrs or guls in needing to feed on soul essence.
  10. Yeah, seems like It's a type of vessel from my understanding. Vessel in PoE might as well be interchangeable with 'undead' pretty much. Though iirc, the term can also refer to constructs - such as animats. Necromancy is a field of magical study within Eora's 'arcane' fields of study too, which looks to have been Concelhaut's specialism. Concelhaut even uses a phylactery which is something lich's use to sustain their immortality in DnD settings like the Forgotten Realms. So yeah, mega powerful undead wizard...
  11. This is basically my exact same character concept though I went with a pale elf and my oracle build was beguiler / lifegiver. Not the best/strongest of builds but it definitely fit in my head from the RP/narrative angle. Good support character as CC and secondary healer. Building focus for cipher abilities can be a bit of an issue early on if you're not shape shifting to go into melee and even that's risky early game. Most of my cipher abilities were mind/deception based. Only additional druid spells outside the ones lifegiver grants I took were some ice spells for RP flavour given that my
  12. Well Eothas does have a chunk of your soul that you're wanting back so as not to die, so there's a measure of motivation stemming from that.
  13. This was my concept too. Went for a pale elf cipher with the mystic origin from the White that Wends. I felt from the narrative angle - it was a good fit and he was ultimately used to seeing things and having visions given he was also a cipher. Receiving the powers of the Watcher after meeting Thaos at Cilant Lîs merely meant the full realisation / crystallization of his powers after a long journey - not just from the recent occurrence with the bîaŵac / meeting with Thaos. As such, I played him as an unphased/distant blend of stoic and rational - resigned to his fate from a young age. He l
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