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  1. Would like to see the story go to the living lands, sounds like a very interesting locale. Lots you could do with it due to its diversity of biomes. You could have a colony there as the new cad nua/ship.
  2. Started a new game as a Trickster/Forbidden Fist. I am not about to put up any numbers or stats lol, but from a pure game feel perspective, Its fun! Went for a tankier approach and am rocking a sword and board setup. Plays very well havent had any resource issues with the Forbidden half, for all the negative hype surrounding that sub I cant say I have had any issue getting plenty of wounds. The new fist move could use a slight buff imo in some aspect buts its not terrible as is either. edit: Someone suggested it earlier but some universal monk buff across all monk abilities like a +1 m
  3. I think Boeroer is on the money with the setting being the biggest issue... As stupid as it may be crpg people love their medieval high-fantasy and are indeed narrow minded about it. Love deadfire myself and really hope we see a 3rd PoE based out of the Living Lands portion of Eora.
  4. Yes actually just finished doing some stress testing while monitoring core temps yesterday. Hits 90c after about a minute at 100% load so definitely overheating. First time I have actually had this issue. have some high quality paste on the way so I can re-seat the cpu fan/sync, which most likely will take care of the issue.
  5. Recently updated that as well. Its still older but newer then the i3 I had and ran Deadfire just fine.
  6. Just upgraded to an nvidia 1070 ti and this happens to me now everytime a Sigil fires off its AoE attack. Can play for hours but as soon as I accidentally move to close to a sigil in combat computer reboots on first AoE blast... Doesnt happen in any other game.
  7. Does anyone play with the Wizard subclasses? Well, with the exception of Fassina and maybe evokers? Too many negatives and not enough upside to the wizard subclasses..
  8. Taking this farther then I should lol but its for fun. Obviously balance of below abilities not precise just a rough guestimate. Also nothing concrete for how class resource would work but was thinking along the lines of the player having to invest funds into a finite pool that made up the Gilders useable resource. Like investing 500 gold would give 10 points for example. Gilder PL1 Active Abilities Gilded Blade: Coats the Gilder’s weapon in a thin layer of shimmering gold. +25% damage as crush, enemies distracted for 10 seconds on hit, duration 60 seconds. Mineral Attra
  9. Interesting. A Goldpact/Gilder would make for some fun RP.Speaking of RP. Gilders came about as a result of an Animancy breakthrough by Mydas Frigian, a lesser known animancer. What he discovered was a technique for performing mineral transmutation without the aid of magic. He rose to fame as word of his work spread. Eventually he developed a number of suitable adventuring applications all of which employed the use of Eora's currency as mineral fuel for his talents as it could be reliably found most everywhere. After the fame faded and others took his research to even greater heights, Myd
  10. "Gilder" ability to manipulate gold. Abilities would cost the player money to perform. Example abilities: "Gilded Blade"-coats weapon in a shimmering layer of gold, on hit causes burn dot and target is distracted for 10 seconds. "Golden Haze"-Gilder creates a field of gold dust blinding all enemies within, AoE blind and distracted for 15 seconds if save vs will failed. "Mydas Orb"-Creates an orb of molten gold that explodes on impact causing burn dot, AoE 2.5m burn dot for 9 seconds. would be fairly easy to come up with subclasses, for example: "Alchemist"-Uses crafting materials as
  11. I have tried them all but specifically the ranger I can't bring myself to play anymore... made it about two to three hours in before losing all interest. They already lack abilities in general and then the ones they have are just uninteresting. Binding roots being AOE now at least adds something but even subclasses are meh as it gets and the difference is simply not drastic enough subclass to subclass.
  12. Had an idea for a Paladin subclass I posted a while back somewhere in this forum that I roughly remember. Dissidents of Wael were an order devoted to the discovery and hoarding of all secrets that Wael has hidden, whether arcane, mystical, or mundane in origin. Composed of Archivists and Seekers, The Seekers role was to obtain knowledge that was lost by the whims of Wael and the Archivists role was to safeguard and catalogue the knowledge for use by order members. The order operated out of a large ancient library that doubled as an elaborately sealed vault in which entry was only known an
  13. I like your Jester idea out of your ideas the best. Would love to see something akin to a Wild Mage but more martial in tone and less magic oriented. Not sure how that would look yet, will post something if I can later to elaborate.
  14. Having something very similar happening with Deltro's Cage. Maybe its something to do with item visual effects while in the inventory?
  15. Once I equip the Deltro armor everything freezes graphically after a couples seconds. The game is still running and I can even quit out by using audio que's for menu buttons. Have waited for about 15 minutes max any given attempt but the graphic portion of the game just never kicks back in and simply stays frozen on the inventory. update: if I exit the inventory immediately after equipping everything works normally. However if I go back into the inventory for the character wearing that armor the graphics lock the same way after a second or two.
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