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  1. It's a digital reward and should appear under your products on the backer site.
  2. Hey Townsendvol, same thing happened to me - Backer updates stopped coming even though my mails were set up correctly in both fig and backer portal. I contacted support at https://support.obsidian.net/ and they got it fixed within just a couple of days.
  3. My favourite magic system in pen&paper is Shadowrun's - you can cast all you like, but after every cast, you need to resist drain, i.e. damage. Depending on the power level of the spell (which you can choose), that damage is stun or physical. The power level also determines how easily you resist this damage. What you need to manage as a caster then is your power levels - you can cast low powered spells somewhat safely, but if you cast at higher spell power, you risk harm - which might be a reasonable tradeoff depending on the encounter. Wouldn't work with Deadfire's health system a
  4. Lagufaeth crew member for the ship please! ... in reality because of the whole robbing a bank thing, or lore-wise because savage killer child?
  5. True, but this is fantasy - Iron Shirt Qi Gong is allowed to work. During the Boxer Rebellion in China, some Boxers believed that their shamanistic rituals would make them immune not only to blades, but also to bullets. So any lore of invulnerable martial artists is actually based on historical beliefs.
  6. Now, are we also getting explicit AND, OR, and brackets, or will we have to make do with longish AND / NOT chains? I just love this... finally my Boolean algebra training will pay off.
  7. ... but as powerful as need be. There's probably a trade-off, though. Maybe a simple / advanced mode?
  8. With companies that currently rank high on my personal trust meter, I'm actually happy about delays because a delay means two things in this case: The team has identified things that can be improved. They care about releasing a good product. Now nobody wants a Duke Nukem Fornever situation, but then again, that's where said trust meter comes into play
  9. Nah, hype train left the moment fig campaign was announced It's now broken midway and we're at a waiting station. Thankfully it's big and in a good location so we're not bored until the engine is repaired. The engineer said it'll be fixed sometime next year and we'll continue towards our final destination ... while overly-excitable people like me keep running around in circles on the platform next to the train happily going "Choo-choooo!"
  10. Binding the Greenstone Staff to my glass cannon of a mage because fashion, dying repeatedly in melee, then gleefully carrying it without ever using it after completion of the upgrades. And I also did the whole Pallegina and St. Ydwen's Redeemer thing. Poor Pallegina. "I have to do this four more times? Madiccho..."
  11. Sorry, not possible in Deadfire because of likelihood of confusion. All jokes aside, I like this approach as well. I prefer there to be some fluff to it though, like in Tyranny.
  12. SciFi Pillars? Yes please! My inner fanboy is conflicted on whether a distant future of Eora would be a cool setting or whether he'd prefer Eora to stay purely fantasy renaissance... As to the blue space chicks: Holy blatant fan service...
  13. I will JOIN ALL THE FACTIONS! Not at once though, probably
  14. Good point about the undead! But since we've got both science and magic, I think we can have any number of undead classes - they just need to be created in slightly different fashion. The hierarchy "Fampyr to Skeleton" does not preclude parallel hierarchies in my opinion. Case in point: Concelhaut. He is an archetypical Lich. Other possible variants: - "I want my Mummy": Egyptian style preservation techniques might prevent the body's decay to a degree that the mummy does not hunger for the flesh of the living. - "So what, it's a plant now?": D&D's Myconid Sovereigns can animate a de
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