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Common & Recurring Bug List Patch 1.05



Here is the updated bug list for the current build.


Dear devs and communities, since there are a lot of fixes recently and some are not documented fully. Please let me know if a bug is actually fixed and I can amend the post accordingly.


1.  Charmed enemies keep party buffs after charm expires and related bugs.






2. Sound cutting from companion dialogue.




onetwothreefourfive; six.


3. Defenses and afflictions don't stack properly bug.






4. Status Effect Bug (Especially Blinded):




one; twothreefourfivesixseveneight.


5. Monk transcendent bugs or "Noonfrost" bug. (various issues, perhaps interrelated). Thanks to  El Zoido for pointing out the correlation to the "Noonfrost" bug. 






6. Duel wield and unarmed bugs (various issues, perhaps interrelated).




onetwothreefourfive; six; seven.


7. Retaliation procing on friendly spells/abilities bug.




one; two; three; four.


8. Spellbind items bug.




one; two; three.


9. Paladin auras continue to sometimes not display properly or not apply to allies.




one; two; three; four; five; six; seven.




There are also various ques bugs littered through the forum. I am not sure what ones are fixed or not.


Please post any COMMON and RECURRING bugs in this thread, i.e bugs that you and OTHER people are experiencing.


Also to help out the devs if people who are experiencing issues could post their save files then they will able to tackle the issue more efficiently.

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Well, for what it's worth, issue #6 seems fixed as well, putting a weapon to the offhand of my monk char now seems to give him the accuracy-bonus of the weapon only to the off-hand, no one-handed weapon bonus to both as before.


Given the OPs latest post, I guess we can now bury this topic as outdated.

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