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Dual Wield Unarmed + Weapon / other bugs weapon related bugs



Hey guys,


great job on the game! My issues are the following:




When you equip a weapon in the off-hand, the character screen shows you as dual wielding your fist as main-weapon and the weapon as second weapon. This makes sense, since your fist can be used as a weapon (especially if you play a monk) and when you want to get the bonus of one-handed fighting style, you can just equip it in the main-hand to get that properly to work in the first place, so there is not even ambiguity.


In fact, I think this is the best next thing since the invention of sliced bread and supercool, since you can play a character that fights with a sword while he occasionally punches the enemy in the face (never seen this before!).


However, much to my dismay and as far as I can see, the displayed dual wielding doesn't carry over to combat, where you will just use the weapon in your off-hand. I'm not even sure if you get the proper one-handed fighting bonus in that case.


So my plea would be to make this work in an upcoming patch, as that would be really awesome and how you would expect it to work.




The next thing is that the enhancement 'Bash' on a shield is treated as an activated ability as far as the autopause is concerned, resulting in a permanent pausing during combat while using it. Would it be possible to remove it from the autopause list?


If possible, I'd also like to have some clarification about game mechanics concerning bash (although this is probably the wrong place to ask):

Is having a shield with bash treated as dual wielding?




On a custom made character of mine the weapon talent that gives a bonus to hunting bows doesn't seem to work since there is no change in the accuracy on equipping/deequipping the bow.



I don't think the issues are related to my hardware, but feel free to demand additional files if there is some need for them.


Keep on the great work and enjoy a happy eastern weekend! I'm grateful for you putting a lot of work into fixing the bugs that arise.

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As to the first issue I also encountered it and created a post with more detailed description



I will quote it here so not to keep all in one thread:


I discovered this playing as a monk and this class benefits from this the most but it can be used by all one-handed style champions.


If you use two weapons or no weapons at all (two fists) accuracy of both is lowered if you use only one one-handed weapon in primary (right) hand you have increased accuracy but if you place just one weapon in off hand and leave right hand empty your right hand fist is listed as a primary weapon but the accuracy of both hands primary and secondary benefits from one-handed accuracy bonus. In this situation normal attacks only utilize your equipped secondary weapon ignoring your right fist so You don't get to actually attack with a fist as if you were fighting with two weapons but when executing full attacks (i.e. from monk's torment's reach) you get to utilize both hands for damage as if you were double wielding. If you would place the same one-handed weapon in your right hand your full attack would only attack once.


Simply switching a weapon from the right hand to the left hand without changing anything else gives unintentional bonus. This benefits monks the most of course as their fists hit like a hammer but every player who decides to use one-handed style will benefit from this while performing full attacks.


As to how to deal with this bug I have a suggestion that equipping only one weapon in off hand should count as using two weapons style with all accuracy penalties in place. It will open the possibility (for a monk mostly) to use fist and a weapon simultaneously as a two weapon style. To be clear I don't consider using weapon and a fist as two weapons as an exploit but rather as a feature that apparently isn't here unfortunately. I strongly suggest that rather than removing fist attack from full attack in the above situation you would resolve this problem as I suggested above.






So this is only a bug/issue if you use abilities with full attack? It might be intended then, as far as normal attacks go you only attack with the off hand weapon which is the same if you have it in the main hand?

Normal attacks only deal damage with equipped weapon even though it is shown as secondary weapon, so the inventory page suggests you are fighting with two weapons in "two weapon style" alternating between weapons. In fact my intention was to fight with two weapons, primary weapon being my fist. It's clearly not intended because you retain bonus from one handed style. I personally don't have a problem with one handed style full attacks dealing damage with a fist (why not punch an opponent if you have an opportunity) but you don't get to do that if you just switch weapon to right hand (making wielding weapon in the left hand pretty much mandatory if you want to get the most of one handed style and for some reason making the right hand worse). Also this bug disallows "dual wielding" fist and a weapon.

The "exploit" in the title wrongly suggests that I think one handed full attacks shouldn't use fist damage, in fact I think they should even if you wear weapon in the right hand. It's logical, realistic and game-wise would add acceptable small buff to one handed style. I tried to change it to "bug" but I don't see "edit" option.



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