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  1. I have a theory that it only works on abilities that target enemies/anyone? My brawler only knows self buffs and none of them were registered when empowered.
  2. If it's any consolation, I think the robe is currently bugged, as it wasn't registering any empowers I used and so I couldn't advance it regardless of class.
  3. This might be a bit of a radical idea, but you actually can turn off your speakers or take off your headphones during the narrated segment as a work around. (Don't get me wrong, I actually like the narration).
  4. DozingDragon has it right, thanks for the info! Has anyone a link to the original post? I'm not sure what the conditions are to qualify for the refund.
  5. I don't remember all the details, so please correct me if I'm wrong: As far as I remember, the publisher of Deadfire announced that for certain editions of the game, the DLC season pass would already be included. In my memory, this announcement lead to some confusion, since several backers paid additional money to get the DLC season pass, which would then be obsolete given that FIG backer tiers were mapped to the available retail editions of the game. I remember some comments from the devs along the lines that this will be resolved somehow, but I never heard the end of the story, given that I stayed away from the forums to avoid spoilers. So, did events transpire as I remember and if yes, how did everything turn out? I think I would be one of the people that are subject to this problem.
  6. I have to agree with OP in that even though you are not forced to be a pirate, I feel a great push to be a pirate as well. However, a lot of comments in this thread helped me to realize that a lot of things I associate with being a pirate was hisorically actually more tied to being a sailor in general. That being said, I'm wondering why there is such a great push towards piracy in a lot of rpgs with a setting involving pirates. Thinking of the Risen games, the pathfinder adventure path 'Skulls & Shackles' as well as Deadfire, supporting piracy feels much more fleshed out and encouraged than being against it. While I haven't played it, I imagine the Assassins Creed pirate game to be very similiar in this regard. I'd actually much prefer to play in some kind of organization like the navy whose goal it is to end piracy, but this seems to be much less popular somehow. To be fair, I only played halfway through Deadfire before it went into hiatus until more patches / dlcs are released, and I didn't get to do a lot of the factions quests yet.
  7. This is a spoilers permitted section. Unless I originally posted in a spoiler free section and a moderator moved it over, I apologize. Yeah, it got moved. It's not a problem for me, and I'm not offended by being spoiled of the existence of this armor, but please take care where you post in the future.
  8. Regarding this topic, can the Rauatai Clothing be changed to use the two character colors? It has fixed colors in my game (red/black), and it's the only cloth that looks like a martial artist outfit. There are two different looking items with the same name, but only of them has this problem of not adjusting its colors.
  9. I find robes underwhelming as well, but to me there is not much of a distinction between a cleric and a western monk. What I'm missing is a Robe (or any other outfit) that looks even remotely like that of a martial artist, which is how I wanted to look like if I was playing the class monk. It's ironic that Xoti's gear, which is the closest to this I've seen so far, doesn't classify as anything even near a robe in terms of game mechanics.
  10. Could be, color is subjective . Point is "big colored star surrounded by other smaller colored stars" is max rank. Though what that actually gets you is debatable. According to the tutorial (which I don't remember ever seeing) some have said it is just initiate deciding who goes first. If so, the last two ranks are pointless cause I have only seen more than a master captain once. Josh also confirmed on his tumblr that captain rank decides who goes first each round (can't get access to tumblr from where I am, so no link, sorry).
  11. As far as I remember from clicking through the ship tutorial, the captain rank acts like initiative and decides who gets to go first?
  12. You have to change the channel from beta to the release version in order to download it via gog galaxy.
  13. I'm sure there won't be preload on gog, so I'll get home from work on the 8th, realize that it will take more than 10 hours to download with my crappy internet (does anyone know the number of GB already?) and go to sleep without downloading (my pc is in my bedroom and I can't sleep with it running). On the next day, I'll start the download before going to work and will hope that it's finished before midnight so that I can sleep with the PC turned off the next night again. EDIT: HOLEY MOLY, the game ist listead at 45 GB on steam? Unless there is a heavy reduction in download size, that's going to take forever! I can download roughly 1.3 GB / hour, which will take me around 35 hours at this rate. Only way to download this will be while I'm visiting my parents on the following weekend...
  14. That's a valid point, but I'm still not convinced. Constant Recovery and Ancient Memory where both nerfed in PoE from being unlimited to a limited time. Now Ancient Memory is unlimited again in the shape of a chant and, according to the tool tip, heals more than Constant Recovery distributed over the whole party (my Constant Recovery is stated to heal 6 hp/3s while Ancient Memory states 1 hp / 1s - that comes to 3hp/s vs 5hp/s when seen from the party's perspective). I don't follow the logic of Ancient Memory being fine unlimited while Constant Recovery is still limited. That's certainly one way to look at it, but you can also consider how much stats are added in total. Weapon & Shield style is available from lvl 1 and grants you +6 Deflection and Shield bonus to Reflex, which amounts to at least +10 Reflex depending on shield, resulting in at least +16. The tool tip doesn't properly explain the workings of Deep Faith, but I guess regardless of dispositions, you get at least +2 to every defense, which amounts to at least +8, more likely +12. Superior Deflection on the other hand comes much later, grants only +4 and has a much greater competition (like the affliction resistances and other stuff). My idea of balancing is that passives that are available later should grant more useful bonuses, and that regardless of multiclass combination, there should always be a proper incentive to pick one passive over the other. I think this is simply not the case for superior deflection; the argument to take it should definitely not be that it still stacks with the others after you got them first (which is the case once you decide on using a shield, and that's bad design in my opinion). IMHO, Weapon and Shield Style should only confer the shield bonus to reflex, and superior deflection should be a lvl1 fighter ability and buffed in order to compete with Deep Faith, so that a Crusader has an actual choice between the two. In general, I don't like the overlap of the passives at all, since they only serve to blur their purpose. The increase in movement speed of all classes versus the one from the monk is another example for this. I'm all for passives, but balance them properly against each other when they have overlap or make them disjoint.
  15. Now that I actually had a bit more time to play the game and try some builds, I'll go a step towards my original position and say that while the passive talents might be a good step in the right direction, they are mostly a totally unbalanced mess right now, either in terms of numerical benefit or in terms of placement on the skill tree. The fighter has a lot of abilities that leave to be desired; given its placement, Superior Deflection is almost insulting with its +4 deflection compared to the benefits of the early available Shield Style or the paladins Deep Faith, which is both accessible earlier and more powerful. I honestly also don't understand the time limit on Constant Recovery when the paladin can now easily upgrade the defensive aura to grant unlimited healing for the whole party and Ancient Memory being unlimited as well. Last but not least, I don't get the escalating ressource costs for higher abilities in the martial trees either. I also don't get the rationale behind many of the subclasses - I'd love to play a mage slayer, but the 5% spell resistance is laughable compared to the loss of 50% time on buffs and not being able to use either potions or scrolls. If I just want to shrug of spells, I'm better off to just play a crusader and take all the resistances against afflictions. Right now, the system has the potential to become amazing, but it needs more class locked passives and a way better distribution to be balanced.
  16. Ok, I had a look now and I'm relieved - they mostly added new talents instead of making the class specific ones accessible to everyone, and I'm totally fine with that. I like in particular that each class gets a custom selection that is taylored to its class abilities. I'm convinced now that the passives they added are a great addition to the game, although I have to say that they deviated heavily from their initial announcement that shaped my pessimistic outlook.
  17. My internet sucks so I'll need to wait another 3 hours for the patch, so this is for the most part baseless conjecture, but I have my reservations about all the passives being added being such a good idea. In games like this, I always pick few active abilities and a lot of passives, so it felt refreshing to me that I was actually forced to pick up some actives once in a while, or had to multiclass to get around this. Before, you could take several active abilities for different situations / strategies and use them on a situational basis without losing on anything on the passives side; you had a greater toolkit without sacrificing anything. The ressource pool worked as a way to let you choose the power that was the most useful, since you had several choices by default. But now that you get access to enough useful passives (?), it just makes more sense to make characters that excel in one or two specific powers and load on all the supporting passives, which makes for very one-dimensional characters, and makes the ressource pool feel limiting rather than empowering; in principal, it's the same as the spell levels from PoE1 (they also had a common ressource, casts per spell level), which only feel like a choice rather than a restriction simply because they don't allow you to sacrifice spell slots for passive effects. I also think the incentive for going multiclassing has been diminished greatly by this move, which I think is disheartening; I'm not even sure if there is a benefit in multiclassing for the character concept I had in mind now, but again, I'll have to look at the changes in details myself first. At the same time, the change probably increased what you can achieve with min/maxing, which is not necessarily a good move in my book either. All of this might all be just me being scared of change, but I'll get back to this thread once I had some time with the patch.
  18. 1. Complain on the forums about class-locked passives 2. Game is changed so that everyone gets a lot (?) more passives 3. Only take passives with one or two active abilities because it's superior from a min/max perspective 4. ??? 5. Profit I'll reserve my final judgement until the patch is downloaded and I had a look, but this is exactly what I was predicting.
  19. This is a thread about Josh's social media for god's sake, and there is one single tweet buried beneath two pages of balance discussion again already. Can't you take your balance discussion into another thread where people that actually care can read it while I get an easier time to actually find josh's teasers, which is the purpose of THIS thread? This has been a consistent issue through all iterations of this thread and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would appreciate being able to quickly get to Josh's new information.
  20. Every game I play, I either try to build a Kensai as in the original BG (superior swordsman in robes who doesn't get hit, alternatively a Swordmaster in the Fire Emblem games) or some kind of Death Knight (debuff aura, life-leech and the likes, maybe undead minions, you get the gist) or an anti-magic monk. PoE was only moderately successfull in representing any of those roles (dodging not supported as primary defense, chanter was not quite living up to his expectation and no anti-magic monks), but I have high hopes that a Devoted / Mage Slayer can finally fill the void of the Kensai this time around (even though PoE sucks at representing 'dodging' as a primary means of defense).
  21. I don't understand all the controversy about the number of proficiency points. As far as I am aware, they are still supposed to be the new currency to buy passive talents once they get available to everyone again, are they not?
  22. I agree. The duration penalty should only apply to spells, but both beneficial and detrimental. Spell resistance shouldn't rely on chance (even less when it's laughably low like 5%) - even the bonus to defense versus spells before the patch was consistently more useful, even though it was fairly low as well.
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