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Found 1 result

  1. [FIRST ROUND OF FEEDBACK] Feel free to Share your Goodies & Baddies. The Good : Might // Resolve coming back 2 Pts when reaching new Power Lvl for Single Class characters Speed Sliders // Overall Pace of Combat improvement // Casting Times. Ship Combat per Turns instead of per Rounds feels better to me. UI Improvements [Empowering, Uncheck Inventory Items, Etc, looks prettier] More Passives ! [Overall but Specially for Spiritshift Subclass who needed this the most for me] Optimization : The Game's loadings were already Quick. It now loads even quicker, & goes back to the main screen quicker aswell for me. Exit to Windows is welcome aswell ! The Bad : I'm still uncomfortable with that Source Pool thing... The whole thing. I think I kinda hate it. I hope some Gear helps to increase that pool... Because as a Rogue : Gouging Strike + Smoke Veil & you're done, unless you Empower. I don't know I'd like kind of a Mix, between the former "Set of use", like : You got 2 Gouging Stikes per Encounter, 1 Strike the Bell, 3 Venimous Strikes. & Then, you could "Recharge this Set of Use" when you Empower yourself. But I don't know, I have to wrap my head around that. WARNING : I don't really like the new Central Button. I liked it when the whole "Ring" was clickable to Pause // Unpause, now the pause button is really tiny & not handy. Plus the Out of Combat Fast / Slow Triggers, were better on the outside of the ring, rather that inside as it is now. Combat Slider is fine. About New Passives : Still think its good, but I expected them to be more "Thought Out". Like for Spiritshifters : Who thought it'd be a good idea to put the Single Handed // Two Handed // Dual Wielding // More Sets of Weapons Passives ??? For a Shifter ? Come on, no one will ever pick that ! Give it some Fighters / Monks Passives already ! It's a Shifter ! It uses his Claws / Horns / Whatever, none of these Passives fits what a Shifter really uses ! Sounds like "Let's add more Passives to Spiritshifters, but pick the ones that make the least sense..." Even though I don't like some things // changes between POE I & II, I do think it's going into the right direction. As for that the whole "Source" Concept, I think I'm gonna need to learn how to enjoy it in context, from Level One, into the Real / Entire Game. Right now I can't do it... I just f**king hate it, like... to the bones. EDIT : I have a 21:9 aspect ratio, previous beta builds used to have my resolutions. But now, they're just not here anymore ? Everything is stretched & look s ugly, quite unplayable in these conditions. Just a Bug I guess.
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