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  1. Has anyone here been able to successfully pickpocket Reed's key? With food/sugary drinks I managed to raise my stealth skill to 96 at level 6 and get spotted every time I pickpocket him. I suppose there is no way to obtain the key and the unique hat unless you murk him and take the reputation hit?
  2. I've tried two pre-set histories and one manual history but it never appears in the cabin, just the fragments of Yenwood. EDIT - I noticed the patch notes fixed this if the histories are correct.. Can anyone confirm this? Which pre-defined histories would I need to take to make sure I have that in my cabin quarters?
  3. This is a spoilers permitted section. Unless I originally posted in a spoiler free section and a moderator moved it over, I apologize.
  4. Only first one gives you Breastplate. I don't remember name, but it's Hylea choice. Thanks you!
  5. I know that sparing Harmke makes it available -- what I am asking though is that will any of the pres-elected histories make it obtainable? As I stated Fair and Balanced did not , and I never played The White March so I don't know exactly what the moral implications of sparing Harmke was, as in if it was good or bad to spare him.
  6. Luckily I work 3 12hr shifts and I receive a differential to fill in the 4 hours so that I'm essentially getting paid for 40 hours... I have 4 days off each week and have plenty of time to play Pillars without neglecting my GF.. Works out wonderfully!
  7. I did the Fair and Balanced selection and it is unavailable at Marihi's shop. Does anyone know which pre-selected histories allow you to obtain the armor? Or is the only way to obtain it by importing previous save or by creating a custom history? Thanks in advance.
  8. If you go as a Paladin/Priest Berath combo I guess the weapon goes well with the whole fire damage theme. I haven't tried it yet myself though.
  9. Is it possible to get Devil of Caroc breastplate by creating a history and choosing Caroc sparing Harmke -- or is this only obtainable by importing saves? I only ask this because it's not available in shop if you choose a preset history.
  10. Can someone explain to me exactly how this works? After you shoot a round, you don't reload again and you only use your single handed weapon.. Are you still considered as dual wielding or single wielding at this point? Does the weapon reload itself if you switch to another weapon set and then switch back?
  11. You're missing the point. The only bug here is that the skulls don't show up at all if any form of scaling is enabled. That doesn't mean that everything scales (down) to your level - it just means that the high level encounters/monsters/quests will not be marked with skulls (go fight The Steel Preacher at level 2 or 3, and see how you fare). PotD being easy (or at least easier than it was in PoE 1) is a different problem (which they plan to fix). What point am I missing? I'm simply reading the description of the feature and it's not doing what it's suppose to do. High level encounters shouldn't scale down to me when I have only scale upwards enabled, but it does. I've already did some hard encounters, I cleared out the forest west of Neketaka at level 5 with scaling. In the default game mode with no scaling that is like a level 9 area I think, I remember seeing skulls (3) at that place when I was 5-6 on my original play through. I cleared the place out at level 5-6 on POTD difficulty. I know it's possible to clear out higher level areas if you manage everything super well, but holy crap --- I had a party full of multi classes at level 5 and still did it on POTD (Level scaling all on with ONLY SCALE UP ENABLED) when it's a area that is 3-4 levels higher than me with scaling disabled.
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