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  1. This is my build and it doesn’t feel “nerfed”. The setup was very powerful before and now it’s just powerful. I’m ok with that. Well, there you go then.
  2. If you take the spell orientated subclass of cipher, you don't really need that time spell. You just grab one of those vampyr staves for back up domination, and dominate, charm, stun and blind your enemies. It's fairly effective. There's very little that is immune, so 99 percent of the time, that's an effective character. And you want it pure class to get as many focus points as you can starting combat, more cypher talents and a decent selection of spells. The higher level spells however have so much higher costs, they are sort of pointless. But a multi-class spell oriented cypher just doesn't work as well. It works okay, but not as well. Now maybe if you had the soulblade subclass and had focused on melee damage, maybe it is a bit nerfed. You could always do a rebuild and pick more controller type spells. Either that or stack every regenerating, or HP or armour boosting, or second wing granting item you can find on that one character, and rebuild with a high athletics skill (two second winds isn't bad for a lower HP fighter as a compensation, and if you get a reasonable amount of bonus damage, and use a really good unique weapon, it should still be worth the trouble). The other option is switching to a ranged weapon. You still get soul whip within a certain range.
  3. Yeah, I agree with this. Maybe not as passionately as you, but I feel they could have focused more on just the most OP combinations and increased the power of the least, rather than taking a nerfhammer to everything in sight. In the first game class choice did feel bland. It felt like, until you got higher level, like it didn't matter what you chose. I still think that there will be useful class combinations here, but it does feel a bit like they might have trimmed too much. Multi-cleave definately had to go, and some of the reproc items (and maybe some paladin stuff), but they really didn't need to nerf that much. On a side note, I always felt like monk and cipher were annoying in that they uniquely had to build up points during combat. It's very micromanagey. A) it'd be nice to be able to play a cipher as a dedicated spellcaster and B) I'm sure they can come with other benefits to light armour for a monk - like perhaps certain abilities only work in light or no armour. From a flavour perspective though, this doesn't gel with me the same way the cat people, and people with glowing blue skin don't gel with me. It's a bit "big, bright and colourful", and I don't really like my fantasy like that. It just feels like throwing colourful stuff at a wall rather than something coherent and compelling.
  4. Interesting character changes. These seem primarily concerned with OP class powers, in particular multi-class combinations. My issues - preist still underpowered. Cipher still underpowered at low levels. Battlecasters/weapon summoners still don't work properly (needs an AI condition - at beginning of every battle, to cast summons) - summoning is too slow, even with the talent, and why did you nerf preists spiritual weapon? The issue here with weapon summoners and battle casters isn't power, it's that you can't use them without micromanaging them, and by the time you use even one buff, and one weapon summon, much of most battles is over. Paladin seems like it still might be a tad OP due to all the resistences/immunities. Debuffs and effects like paralyze are what makes combats extra challenging. Paladin should have some immunity to these, but looks like this wasn't addressed. Restricting cleave to one proc is definately the right move. With the justified rogue boost, a dual wielding fast weapon riposte rouge fighter might be as interesting as a monk/fighter. Or for that matter a monk/rogue. Ranger companion boost probably isn't enough. Perhaps ranger companions should give a buff like pets and familiars. Just add a bit of flavour to make it seem more fun. I can say I agree with MOST of that. As much as I personally enjoy min/maxing, you never want it to feel cheap. And some of the combinations this nerf dealt with were 100 percent cheap. But my misgiving is that you've taken such a hammer to all of this, it makes class selection a bit less interesting - when you could have just nerfed the most OP things, and boosted up the weaker classes.
  5. Ah, so that's the appearance, ship upgrades, crew mates and such that's due soon. And then story next month. Well that's not long to wait for cool things. Appearance mods should be cool. Portrait selection was a little limited (great art, but hard to squeeze a less typical character concept into)
  6. So is this first DLC meant to be out soon, or am I going senile?
  7. Probably so, but the weapon aspect kind of ruins the flavour anyway. With a mindstalker, you can fall back on the illusion spells when your points run out, which helps minimise melee/range attacks. However I wonder is their a way you can build a cypher, so that their starting points are so high that you very rarely have to attack? I might see if I can do this. Perhaps with the right stats, subclass and talents you can get that starting figure high enough. The maximum starting focus you can get at lvl 20 is 75. Using an empower point gets you to 190. I tested a pure beguiler a bit, and the combination of beguiler+complete self was enough to decently sustain him in focus. Soul echo+empty soul, with a maxed perception give a lot of crits to restore focus. Obviously, you will not do much damage but you will debuff and cc like there is no tommorow without having to use a weapon. Useful abilities: Eyestrike Mental binding Secret Horrors Ring leader Mind Plague Time parasite (although it will not proc beguiler, it will proc the complete self, is completely op, and there are no really good deception spells past pl6) Haunting chains for fluff if you have the focus to cast it. Silent scream if you want a damaging spell. It will not proc beguiler, but will proc Complete Self Passives: Greater focus, Keen Mind, Complete Self, Soul's Echo, Empty Soul, and the rest of the good stuff (iron will+psychic backlash, shared nightmare, lingering echoes, rapid casting etc.) If this is the playstyle that appeals to you, you should go for it, it will work. I created a second build like this, with ranged weapons as advised above. It works pretty well I think, better than the mindstalker - more ability options, especially lower cost powers. Still some dependence on attacks, but not a lot - and at least you can recoup a little with criticals, and have some power boosts like range and speed. The famypr staff makes a nice addition (or just the item ability if you mod it in), so you have a dominate that's not points dependant. Tis still a shame that there's nothing that trades off attack ability for self-generated focus points, but this is as close as one can get. I hope there's cipher dialogue options in the DLC. Definately a more colourful character than the rangers, monks, paladins and rangers I've played in a million dnd/pathfinder games. When one plays those things too much, one ends up gravitating to weirdness - strange preist characters, swashbucklers, psionicists, summoners etc. I once played a ascetic pacificist, with an aura of peace, lol. It was actually OP, but totally weird.
  8. Probably so, but the weapon aspect kind of ruins the flavour anyway. With a mindstalker, you can fall back on the illusion spells when your points run out, which helps minimise melee/range attacks. However I wonder is their a way you can build a cypher, so that their starting points are so high that you very rarely have to attack? I might see if I can do this. Perhaps with the right stats, subclass and talents you can get that starting figure high enough.
  9. Great. So it is impossible to know what someone means when using that word without asking for definitions first. Nah, if the word is used in a gaming or MMO context, this is always the meaning *Edit, Ignore the names, I snipped to far and can't figure out how to delete and repost lol. I played one MMO, back before everquest came out. I got sucked in, ended up putting in silly hours to outlevel a higher level player who was pvping me, watched people get married, then decided "okay, maybe this isn't for me", and never touched one again.
  10. Yeah. This is where they could have had a small dungeon with the sort of technical detail about how the wheel was made, what existed before it etc.
  11. That mindstalker build works pretty well. With the right talents you only need to recharge in combat, not attack first. It's weak at low level, but mid-higher level all those mind effecting abilities are kind of great. You just stun, fear and dominate everyone, and it changes the balance. Unless they are immune, then you have to fall back on rogue tactics. There's quite few tricks for providing backstab condition too, from the rogue, and also bombs. There's a few items that add to it nicely too (there's a helmet with fear). It's not exactly what I wanted, but it's not far off. I had the two sentinels at the end, fighting each other - that was kinda fun.
  12. Yeah I'd prefer to explore the world more, rather than rush to the end. These types of games are way better if you take the time to soak them in.
  13. Oh. She didn't show up for me, because I'd already exiled her. I got the pirates. If you didn't kill her, she still has all the huana, her guards across the city, and her watershapers, so it'd be hard to buy that she was powerless.
  14. That's what the wiki says. That's also what ingame persons say about the Queen vs the trading companies. How does the queen end up a figurehead then?
  15. That would work. Get those flanked, distracted etc effects maximised - and get a few illusion spells to boot. That's a good one. I'm liking that
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