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  1. If I get time on the weekend, I'll definitely try to experiment a bit with hostile effect duration. I'm curious to see how it works. I'd also like to know if the -5 seconds from Clarity of Mind apply before or after the percentage reduction.
  2. I think that's reversing the causality though. You shouldn't invest in Intimidate just to get extra Deflection from the armour. But if you're investing in Intimidate anyway for role-playing purposes, the extra Deflection is a nice little bonus.
  3. It's possible that I'm misunderstanding something, but if I follow the speed calculation provided by MaxQuest, I get: step_1 = 1/0.5 - 1 = 1 step_2 = 1/0.35 - 1 = 1.86 step_3 = 1/0.15 - 1 = 5.67 step_sum = 1 + 1.86 + 5.67 = 8.52 speed_coefficient = 8.52 + 1 = 9.52 phase_duration = 1/9.52 = 0.105 Which would imply that the duration is reduced to 10.5% of its original value. That's clearly not what Sfzrx observed though, so either I made a mistake, or there's more to it than meets the eye.
  4. I don't think that solves the balancing issue though. Constantly spamming summons was already the optimal strategy for Beckoners, so increasing the cost of all other invocations wouldn't hurt them at all.
  5. Detailed patch notes are now online in case you want to know about all 1.1 changes: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101944-patch-notes-for-1100035/
  6. Empower was nerfed as well, so it's probably no longer enough to carry you through tough fights all by itself.
  7. An upgrade to Charge that restores its previous functionality would be fun. Make it PL 8 or 9 as an incentive to remain single classed.
  8. Yeah, from personal experience it feels like the WotEP still performs nicely. It's just a situational weapon now rather than the obvious best choice.
  9. According to his profile, he's been a member of SA since 2001, before Obsidian was even founded. So it's probably just his home community.
  10. Currently, every point of Resolve above 10 provides -3% hostile effect duration (up to a maximum of -75% at 35 Resolve). There's also a ring which gives -35%. Do these stack additively, i.e. is it possible to reach -100% hostile effect duration? And if so, does this make you immune to all afflictions? I have to admit, the idea of shrugging off Charm and Stun like they were nothing holds a certain appeal to me. What specifically counts as a hostile effect? Only afflictions or damage over time effects as well? What about things like drug crash penalties, the Berserker's confusion during Frenzy
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