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Monk's accuracy bug and hit point bug




Game version 1.04 steam recently patched.


Win 7 ultimate .

2500k intel cpu

gforce 560twinfrost

8gb  ram.

 DirectX Driver Name:  nvd3dum.dll
    Driver Version:
    DirectX Driver Version:
i can upload savegame but it doesnt allow me to. i tried rar too but some permits about this forum i guess.
monk.duel hand fist fighter.i posted accuracy stats and when i give her offhand any weapon her accuracy stat became much higher it has to be.
And also she has high hit point bug.
i forgot to mention.. if she has a offhand weapon she doent attack with her primary right hand fist attack.She only attacks with offhand weapon.




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That's fascinating. It looks like the offhand weapon is being treated as a single 1H weapon, getting the +12 Accuracy bonus that comes with that. Not sure if that's intended behavior or not - are you even supposed to be able to go "fist and offhand"? Either way, your display in the inventory certainly doesn't match up with what's happening, so something's bugged.


EDIT: Her hit points aren't bugged, btw. 70 * 6 = 420. That's correct.

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