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BUG - Monk unarmed damage broken.



So I was a happy hard hitting monk with bloodied knuckles, critting stuff into explosions all up until lvl 10.


Then I lvled up to 11 and decided that best way to improve my monk is to give him even more damage, burn damage, so he can blow stuff up with fiery fists.


Turning Wheel talent completely deactivated my Transcendent Suffering (4).


I no longer get any unarmed dmg or accuracy bonuses.


Also Turning Wheel doesn't seem to add any damage either.


My monk from Bruce Lee turned to Will Ferrell in Get Hard.




Unarmed dmg broken with Turning Wheel and Transcendent Suffering cancelling each other out.


Please fix!

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Wondering if you also completed the Noonfrost mission in the meantime?


A couple others (including myself) seem to be running into the same issue too, and I suspect the Noonfrost mission is triggering it: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77559-bug-transcendent-suffering-disabled/


Might be an easy fix if I could remove my monk from my party then add her back, but she is also my Watcher...

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