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Paladin Aura Doesn't Produce AoE Effect




On initial activation, my paladin's aura of Zealous Endurance correctly produced a 1.9 meter area of effect (as adjusted for his Intelligence).

However, after saving and reloading the game, the aura doesn't seem to be working. I don't see an AoE indicator on the map upon mousing over the ability icon as I did previously, and allies who should be receiving the bonus - even close enough for their models to be touching - don't display an icon for it, nor do they appear to have the additional DR based on combat calculations.


Reproduce Steps

Unclear. What happened to me was:

1. Activate Zealous Endurance

2. Save the game.

3. Reload the game.

4. At this point, the aura didn't seem to function anymore.



Can't attach my savegame, it's over 700 kb uncompressed and still over 600 compressed.

I'll see if I can get a screenshot or two to illustrate the issue

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Screenshot added. You can see the aura icon doesn't show up on any of the allies, even though they should be within its area of effect; you can also see that I'm mousing over the icon in the hotbar and not getting an area indicator.




For comparison, I included a screenshot of another pbAoE skill with the area indicator working correctly.




Forum uploader is failing repeatedly for me. I've put the images on Imgur, here:


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I just leveled and got a talent to add Crits to my Zealous Aura and this appears to have fixed it for me.

But now i realized that the Aura Area is Half of what it should be. Comparing it to Crucible of the soul, which should be half of the Aura size, it has the same range.

I tested it with different Intelect scores and the range is consistent with that assessment

This effectively means that my paladin with Intellect 3 has to be standing inside someones green circle to share the aura, even an inch away from that position will not be enough to share it.

When i built this character i knew my aura areas would be smaller and i was even prepared to put up with lower durations from other effects, but i figured that 1.5m would be the distance that reach weapons will cover, and it should be more than enough to support people fighting side by side, but apparently instead of a 1.5m aura i got stuck with a 1.5cm aura instead.

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