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  1. Most reports of this issue have been on GNU/Linux systems, so it would be nice to know your system and hardware specifications if you get it on Windows.From what has been collected so far, it looks like a Unity 4 bug (triggered on PoE and Wasteland 2). I’m waiting for the Unity 5 port of Wasteland 2 to get a confirmation of this suspicion. A simple workaround is to disable "edge-scrolling" of the game screen (somewhere in the game options), which makes it probably linked to Unity 4 mouse management. I try to collect as much system and hardware specifications linked to this bug in the f
  2. The UI overlay boxes for weapons and spells seem to have become 'sticky' with the most recent patch and don't go away for me until I click something on them. Seems very similar to your problem. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78037-104-mouseover-ui-elements-sticking-in-place/
  3. Paladin auras continue to sometimes not display properly or not apply to allies http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/78931-paladin-modal-zealous-endurance-not-applied-to-companions/ http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73480-paladin-aura-doesnt-produce-aoe-effect/
  4. I (and others) previously encountered this problem, as seen here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73480-paladin-aura-doesnt-produce-aoe-effect/ Which patch are you running? It's supposedly fixed per the 1.04 patch notes, but I haven't played a paladin since then to confirm.
  5. Base scale General DR: 7 Base scale Pierce DR: 5 Saint's War Armor Bonus: +3 Saint's War Armor Pierce DR: 8 This is working as intended. Fine Scale General DR: 9 Fine Scale Pierce DR: 7 Your Saint's War Armor General DR: 9 If there's no exception listed, the general DR applies. Your upgraded SWA has DR 9 vs. pierce attacks. It's actually only missing 1 pierce DR from what it should be getting (5 base + 2 Fine bonus + 3 Pierce bonus = 10)
  6. I'm on GoG just like Luckmann, however Doesn't mean it's not a factor. Just because a bug affects only a particular build (GoG) doesn't mean it will affect *everyone* with that build. This is a big part of why software bugs can often be so devilishly hard to track and fix.
  7. I doubt its platform specific, I've been experiencing the same problem on PC. It seems to happen on most, if not all, area transitions.
  8. After loading up my 1.03 save games in 1.04, I find the UI behaving oddly. When I mouseover the shortcut buttons at the bottom of the screen which have associated menus (in particular, spell levels and weapon slots), I find that the mouseover menu no longer goes away after moving the mouse elsewhere - not even after switching to another character. The only thing that gets rid of it is clicking one of the items on the menu.
  9. the user of the ability is the one triggering it. this is true even for passives. what you're proposing would be like weapon damage scaling off the target's might.
  10. it definitely is. most enemies with DR have a decent difference between their pierce and their slash on hard+; hitting the lower of the two keeps the sword *extremely* competitive. plus swords are more common.
  11. Its not her, its him (yeah I know). You can easily tell by the gargantuan manly forehead actually. the answer to idiotic intolerance and bigotry is not more intolerance and bigotry. this also means if she identifies as female, that's how you should refer to her. actually it seems like what she craves is genocide.
  12. 'cant' is also an alternative version of 'chant', in addition to being a term for speaking in general. 'thine hands' does suggest a silent 'h'. some dialects do have this as the standard, and it's become the norm for a lot of words that didn't have it previously ('hero' for one) sees/seeth and touches/toucheth do indeed appear to be errors.
  13. hey guys, remember when a game let you write your own custom scripts oh wait that was Baldur's Gate and it was like 20 years ago You could write custom scripts? I know you could chose from some default scripts in the Baldurs Gate games, but those werent great in my opinion, especially for spell users. Basically it was useful for auto attacks and stuff (so Fighters/Rangers/Barbarians/etc maybe Rogues?) but was terrible for spell-users (Wizards/Druids/Priests). Sure it allowed me to automatically use my healing spells on wounded party members, but that just made me rest more often (like
  14. I'd be hard pressed to run this game without three classes: Fighter, Cipher, and Chanter. Fortunately, Kana is excellent, and Eder is more or less passable. I disagree on Grieving Mother being any use at all, she just doesn't have the stat spread to perform the cipher's role adequately.
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