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Paladin Zealos Auras, two seperate problems. Not activation in combat and not applying to teammates.



Hello, have started a group with 6 paladin and after a while did I notice that the zealos auras did not work as inteded. 
(Linking pictures so they wont fill up the whole post)

There are 2 different problems. 

The first is with Zealos charge.
The problem is that it's not activating when my paladin is combat. The modal is active but the buff does not activate.
I've encountered this bugg when attacking Gramfel the wayfarer companions from range. Making them hostile, starting the combat and bypassing the dialogue.
This bugg has also randomly showed up when attacking already hostile enemies, like Sly Cyrdel's party in the same area. 








The second bugg is with Zealos endurance and Zealos Focus. 
I'm not sure when it happened but recently I noticed the buff from these auras did apply on my teammates (with one exception).
Only the paladins in my team that learned abilties, the auras, got the buff.
The rest did neither have the icon or the buff in the character screen.
I've tried to move the characters close to eachother and it was not a problem with range. 
I have the Zealos Focus on two of my paladins. One of them had the critical focus talent, and that was the only one that got the zealos focus aura from another teammate. But  the aura was suppressed because it's own zealos focus aura was applied. 











I've tried to reload the savefiles, before and after exiting the game but the bug remains. Have saves before the bug happened, not sure what triggered it. 
Attached dxdiag. Linked savgames and output_log below, they where to big to upload. 




Feel free to ask question, my post might be a bit messy. 



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