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  1. So I have met Z. in the next chapter now and been offered his quest. Not sure either what I will do yet. I guess it depends on whether you want revenge nor matter what or might be willing to give up on it eventually. Too bad I won't be ble to play much in the next 2 weeks, I'll be on vacation and my laptop can't run that game.
  2. I'm still in "The Widow, the pastor and the wolf", so while I guess I met Mr Z, I haven't received a quest from him yet. I could have gone on to the next chapter already, but I still try to figure out the location of a few of the undead you have to find for the monk Moritz. The way rumors, stories and legends are woven into different quests is pretty cool, imo. Even though some solutions to the side quests can get a bit difficult to figure out (or at least require careful reading), it's a welcome turn of pace from the usual "follow the quest compass" routine for me. Admittedly I had to co
  3. Actually the reviewer quite liked it, although he found the combat a bit too simplistic at times. Well, it does not offer too many deep choices once you have a fixed troop of soldiers with some upgrades to them. Then again I'm not too far in myself, so I can't say too much about the late game. Review itself is not too spoilery, iirc.
  4. Anyone backed/playing it? The game was made by a small studio from Belarus. They did a Kickstarter, spend quite some time in Early Access on Steam and now it's finally released. It's a tactics/strategy/rpg hybrid in the vein of games like the Heroes of Might and Magic series or Disciples. The main story has you battling and questing through a series of individual maps while commanding a small squad of various troops (divided in melee, ranged and casters). As your troops get more experienced, you can upgrade them in different ways (e.g. a noble can be developed towards a knight or a due
  5. Well, for what it's worth, issue #6 seems fixed as well, putting a weapon to the offhand of my monk char now seems to give him the accuracy-bonus of the weapon only to the off-hand, no one-handed weapon bonus to both as before. Given the OPs latest post, I guess we can now bury this topic as outdated.
  6. Broken means it doesn't work, or works so badly that for what it's worth it can be considered non-functional. This is clearly not the case though, so I would call it dented, or slightly cracked, at most.
  7. Huh? 5 in your OP is the "Noonfrost Bug", which according to the devs is fixed. Now, I can't check it to make sure, but maybe someone else can. What you linked is a totally different bug that got introduced in 1.05.
  8. According to the dev post in this very thread, issue 5 was already fixed and 6 should be fixed in 1.06 (even though it's not showing up in the notes, I think, but I will check in-game later). Since Obsidian said that they don't post all the fixes in the patch notes, the only way to be sure is to try and reproduce the bugs. My advice, since you can't edit your OP anymore, is to make sure that the issues are still open and then create a new thread based on these findings. This thread, in its current state has become too unreliable. Since it will be hard to check all of them for any indivi
  9. I think the big issue with the loot was that it lacked some of the memorable stuff many IE games had (e.g. Lilarcor) and that you can create so much of the stuff you find yourself through crafting. Meanwhile most uniques don't seem that much better than a standard "fine" armor or weapon. Given that you'll also find a lot of fine equipment eventually, it felt a bit like a DnD game were you find a lot of +1 stuff and the best loot is simply a +2. They could have shown a bit more courage and inspiration here and there when designing the uniques.
  10. Well, at least the pre-order bonus items still showed up for me in 1.05...
  11. Yes, can confirm that this happens with some screens at least since 1.05.
  12. How did you start it? Starting in a terminal often can give you some fist hint at what's going wrong (e.g. missing dependencies).
  13. Patch is still in Beta, I'd expect it later this week (just going from previous experience with their betas).
  14. Well, my point is, I just want to be sure that this is what actually happens in-game, NOT just what you arrive at from calculating it according to the tooltips, which are wrong even according to the devs in those cases.
  15. Interesting, how did you acquire those numbers? Did you run actual in-game tests and if so, how do you read-out such accurate values?
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