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Is this game worth it? Backers impression needed

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I'm looking to get the Royal Edition after watching the PAX East 2015 presentation. It looks great on what i saw. But i like some feedbacks from the backers themselves if this game live up to its expectations? In terms of art, visuals and contents, are they consistent across locales? Where some locations looks very polished and some locations look very dated, etc. Just wondering if it's safe to pre-order it or just wait for reviews when the game's out? Ya know there's many bad games that relies on hype and marketing to sell games.

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From what I seen of the backers gameplay on YouTube, the answer is yes.

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If you don't mind reading a lot and not having the production value you could find in AAA games the answer is yes.

For production value I mean that kind of expansive stuff you find in only big budget productions: cutscenes, full voiced characters, cutting edge graphics and stuff like that.

BTW: this game has exceeded my personal expectations about what could be done in terms of production value with 4 million $

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 Where some locations looks very polished and some locations look very dated, etc.


They got better at making locations as production went on and supposedly went back and redid some of the earlier ones.


Anyway it looks great to me. Cannot wait to play.

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I'm not a backer, now i purchased 2 copies on steam, one for me and one gifted to my best friend (birthday on tomorrow).


A part from enjoying the game when it will be released, i wanna support the sales cause this is the only chance, after 15 years, we have to see a huge return of 2d isometric rtwp rpgs.


If PoE will fail, the genre will die forever and we'll get DAI clones over and over or multiplayer oriented rpgs.


If PoE will be succesful, other than having PoE sequels, maybe some other Dev\publisher will begin developing similar games.

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Of course it will be, it's a two years of development from a studio with the passion to make that kind of game.

you can't judge the game on a backer beta!  Only the Mechanics, you don't know how the flow of the game will be, how the story will go, and how immersive the world is.


I am sure it will get rave reviews!

It probably is going to surprise a lot of people.

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