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Baldur's Gate portraits for Pillars of Eternity

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I've resized and cropped the original Baldur's Gate portraits so they work with Pillars of Eternity. 23 pixels from the bottom of every portrait is cut off for the small versions.


Here's an album for preview and download. Simply scroll to the bottom of the screen, click the "..." next to social media icons, and click "Download Post".



The portraits go into this directory:


File path (at least for Steam) is:  steam/steamapps/common/Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta/PillarsofEternity_Data/data/art/gui/portraits/player/(female or male)/


(From Karkarov's "How to make custom portraits" thread)


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Baldur's Gate portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale portraits for Pillars of Eternity   IXI   Icewind Dale 2 portraits for Pillars of Eternity


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I resized all the portraits from artastrophe's custom BG portraits to the appropriate sizes for PoE, I don't have beta access so I can't test them, but as long as you put them in the right location, they should work fine.

This file will add over 100 portraits, and they are top quality work. Not only do they look great, but the art matches the theme of the game.
download link - https://app.box.com/s/hco6qdhvuw4b83hmncxp








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artastrophe's custom BG2 portraits   --   preview


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