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  1. Hey Guys, tl;dr check bottom questions, if thats too much fluff. I kind of lost track of Deadfire (and was not a backer) however this will most likely be a day one purchase from me. As i didnt follow the development that close but really want to dabble in creating my PC beforehand i have some questions from the Pros First of all i played a Wild Orlan Barbarian with a 2h Estoc in PoE the first time and had quite the fun with it, however there are some changes regarding how the classes function if i read correctly? regarding weapon modals etc. ( i already found a handy spreadsheet about that) but i am still a bit Perplexed regarding the new recovery mechanics of PoE 2. I literally had all people naked (as in only clothes) in PoE apart from eder who was my tank and that was definitely sufficient on Hard so what changed generally? I would love to wear something more heavy and i love Plate Armors actually (Style wise) but it felt way too much of a drawback in PoE. (1.0 btw ... im currently replaying in story mode for PoE 2 as a refresher and for choices, i want Aloth be the grand master of the leaden key because that sounds really interesting.) When i checked out PoE 2 wiki i realised that subclasses existed one stuck out to me, the Priest of Wael, it definitely is my favorite god of the Bunch and also was the end choice in my first playthrough (and most likely will be the choice again) So i actually want to play a Priest .... well it could be sufficient to do just that but at the same time with multiclassing i dont have to play a full support priest. One thing beforehand, i do not exactly know what the malus for priest from Wael are, no punishment spells basically mean no Damage spells altogether? So in the interest of my build i have two options i currently consider, probably Orlan again or i may opt for a boring human: 1. Shaman of Wael (no Subclass) probably with a Two handed weapon (Estoc, or Great Sword) 2. Itinerant of Wael (Sharpshooter) probably Dual wielding Pistols/mixing with Blunderbus etc. These may not be the most efficient choices, actually they may be really bad *shrug* , but i love the idea for Role playing Purposes. tl;dr: so the questions are: (naming all questions for the tl;dr) 1. What does "no Punishment spells" for Priests of Wael roughly entail? 2. How well do you think those multiclass choices synergize? (Barbarian/Priest of Wael and Sharpshooter/Priest of Wael) 3. How would you distribute your Attrbute points? (Race and origin are undecided, but i will take any suggestion ) 4. I know two 1h weapons are currently more efficient but i prefer two-handers so which weapon would you say is the best for a Priest/Barbarian. 5. Is Dual wielding full ranged as Priest/Ranger a okay idea or is it a bad idea regarding the priest spells range? 6. How bad would Heavy Armor interfer with the roles of these classes? What Armor would you suggest? Last thing to remember, if i have to dial down to easy i will just do that its not really a problem however i would like to beat the game at least on normal or better on hard but RP comes first thank you in advance if someone finds the time for input, otherwise thanks anyway for testing the game and giving great feedback (and some really in-depth calculations !) to Obsidian, the game will be better through this even though Obsidian has proven in my eyes that they can make a extremely thoroughly designed system already (even if community feedback was also imoportant there ) so also kudos to them.
  2. nope didnt play the beta at all. still too easy, the bounties were challenging but not more. i had to reload on of them because my tanks (pala and fighter) were in the wrong position. I never use stealth for anything except traps. (which i hate btw. because i seem to be always one skill level behind the traps) its just a matter of how to play with the engagmebt system i guess. and keeping your ranged units out of harm. i swear Eder stood in a wall of fire surrounded by a whole bounty mob and didnt loose a point of endurance (i have pretty good equip on him though, endurance regen ftw)
  3. im wondering the same here would be kinda cool if someone has an idea on how to pay them before they leave.
  4. Im agreeing to the assesment of the difficulty. i have a full party with the companions atm (Barb PC, Eder , Aloth, Durance , Pallegina and Sagani.) its pretty harsh in the beginning, was incredibly hard for my barb ( 18 10 18 7 18 7 ) but after picking up durance it was a breeze (not because of him i wanna switch him out as soon as i hiravas.) (although there is this way too OP second level spell of priests, and this way too strong level 1 spell for wizards) There was this one quest that i solved with crashing through the front door, which should be hard (it wasnt) now im also swimming in money. (trying to avoid spoilers here) Now most fights are just positioning und auto attacks tbh. My barb hits like a Truck with incredible speed (feels like she shames an Arqebus Damag per hit wise) in a by now disgusting range Aoe (with equp and rest bonus i come easily around 24 Int with her). Well we will see maybe i m just overlevelled (want to avoid PotD since you cant back out of it if you suck, prolly going to play that on a new game somewhen) also some people complained about the companions Being to weak. Eder is like not possible to damage atm
  5. either you take up an adventurer for one of those classes or you should go rogue since there is a cipher companion in the game (hopefully this wasnt to much spoiler)
  6. i made my character a little more well, extreme. 18 10 18 7 18 7. should probably dumped con more and get some more perception since shes squishy as hell anyways who cares about hp then. fighting with a greatsword and hide armor no one deals more damage than her (just finished ch.1). its no frontline character though but i was aware of that from the start.
  7. dont understand what you are getting at. do you think its better if reviews come after release as was the case of colonial marines for example?
  8. 87 % and 6.9 user score because people wont be able to beat the game because its harder then they suspect and thy dont like engagment
  9. It's a fight she won't win. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it would be better if the artist just accept it and let everyone enjoy her work for whatever purpose they deem most satisfactory. In this day and age, the audience wins, the end. Every alternate portrait in this thread that is sourced from an unnamed artist is proof of that. The creative commons is common to all regardless of the wishes of content creators, and there is no taking it back the moment the pixels hit the network. well copyright is a fickle thing and vastly outdated when it comes to the internetz. Still expecting everyone to shhare a communist / anarchic view on that is wrong as well. i think somewhere down the line the one who want to share will loose out like its always. Because the people who dont (for whatever reason, like wanting to sell their creations) will need to force this behavior into submission. Well we will see, this is not the right topic to debate copyright and the internet in a century
  10. well its probably a fight against windmills in the Internet :|
  11. i would really love to see more Orlan (Wild Orlan in my case) pictures, but its probably just too niche.
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