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  1. They can't really post here and agree with people who don't like the game. Also they can't really post here and argue with their customer. I mean they can but it wouldn't be wise. Best for them to take notes and improve the next title or deliver a better experience with the DLC.
  2. Wait, wait, did you just say the entire point of the United States of America is to give money and get a product? No you did not
  3. The "comical campaign" as you put it, is very much because KS campaigns tend to have at least a fraction of backers who are very emotionally attached to the product. I've seen articles trying to promote PoE only to have enraged fans flip out on any comment that is even slightly derogatory to PoE or Obsidian. PoE actually doesn't have that bad of a community. I've seen official forums of some other KS games where people would receive death threats for posting a suggestion. TLDR version: gaming communities tend to be toxic and you should probably engage in them lightly.
  4. I wish more AOE damage spells did not hit allies too, for my wizard. In realtime it becomes a mess when you try to position your wizard on a flank and cone out those flames. After the next patch I'll get back in and see how Aloth does for CC.
  5. Corylea for some reason it only works on the same floor you found the robes on.
  6. Thanks! I did come in contact with one but he was in the room with guards. I had already put on the robes. It is either bugged, or poorly designed. It's not clear how to "wear" the disguise other than putting it on and not seeing any difference.
  7. Everyone was hostile. Including guards. I went to the floor beneath the room where I found the robes (up top). And yes I had them on the entire time. No weapons and nothing else on.
  8. My journal says the robes I found would help me blend in with the priests but I'm wearing them and everyone is still hostile. Anyone had any luck with these?
  9. I can't find the druid spiritshape duration anywhere. It does not list it at all on the spell detail page.
  10. Just started a druid and on more than one occasion I shifted back to human form during combat. I did not choose to do this. Isn't the shape shifting supposed to last the entire encounter?
  11. I'm pretty horrible at this game. My wizard literally face plants each encounter because the enemies b-line for him and take him out quick.
  12. I had the game pretty much tell me I needed to bring along more people for an area I was going to. I take it we are mean to create adventurers to round up the parties numbers? It's not really optional.
  13. The manual is very very brief on damage types and their uses. It lists the physical ones and elemental ones but that's pretty much it. I know there were two previous designs that are now abandoned so I would like to know is the current damage modeling documented anywhere?
  14. I actually read through them all thinking I'd be quizzed on it at some point haha.
  15. I beat him dual wielding as a Paladin. I had the flame attack ability which I saved him for him. Go into scout mode and sneak behind the archer if you can. Take out the bandit first and then the archer. Then use your flame attack on the Outlaw twice in a row and he goes down quickly. You might be able to do it with a 2h weapon too. Go all The Mountain on his ass.
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