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My Bug Report List: Updated for v435



For NCarver and the QA guys, here is an updated bug report thread. I have gone through every bug that I have reported that was not replied to by a dev and checked to see whether they have been fixed in v435.

Good work on the fix rate, a fair majority of my reported bugs have been fixed in v435. The remaining bugs I have put into sections below, with links along with any relevant information.

The posts below this one will contain my new bug reports from v435 onwards. Hopefully this is helpful.

Feel free to add this information to the public fix list




Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr Chant and Number of Hits
Action cancel no longer works before the hit frame
Pathfinding issue with tight spaces between units
Iconic Projection has wonky combat log entries
Current Dialogue Node not removed from list when on current node
Can't reset dialogue window size
Dyrford Crossing Character Shadow Issues
Game difficulty resets when you exit the game
TAB Functions not uniform across UI screens
Edge of Area Map in Stormwall Gorge not obscured by Fog of War - RECOGNIZED BY QA
Marquee select is inaccurate
Cone and Ray spell interaction
Character Hair changing unnecessarily when you press next after gender selection
Unit fading into the fog of war doesn't look great
Interrupt and Concentration need to be shown on the stat sheet - RECOGNIZED BY QA
UI Clicks are counted as a click for double click camera moves
Two Minor UI Art Issues
Enemy Tooltip shakes in the top left corner of the screen
Character models could be better positioned inside the selection circle
Character Record Button Highlights not reset on close
Issue with Spell-casting/Ability-use, interrupts and engagement
Minor Threat Bug
Issue/Complaint about changes to Paladin Auras
Issue with aiming Ray Spells
Can't inspect unused spells of a spell level with fully assigned Grimoire slots - RECOGNIZED BY QA
Bug with Iconic Projection targeting, Fog of War, and Walls
Issue & Bug with Ability Hotkey changes in v392
Character Art Clipping Bugs with "leather_armor" female version
Inconsistency with Opening Item Descriptions
Can't bind a hotkey to weapon sets
War Bow still not positioned properly on character's backs
Blunderbuss needs updated reduced accuracy

Incorrect Area Map image showing after ALT-TAB
Default Split Item Amount Uses Stack Total rather than 1

Highest recorded damage does not match actual damage values

Area Map Close Button is Dark
Solo cipher is gimped by combat casting rules
Characters disappear at the top of areas
Rogue Escape gets cut off by edge of navmesh
Some characters have specific interaction locations 
Hendyna's feet clip through the ground

Dyrford Crossing Ogre Cave Entrance Navmesh Issue - still needs work, but Unity optimizes NavMesh against designer's will
Occlusion not working properly - fixed for geometry, but not trees
Inaccurate Area Shadow Maps - I think area shadow maps have been improved, not as noticeably inaccurate as before
Poor Quality 3D Door Textures - mip levels have been improved, but the bug is with Unity, not the game itself
Really bad UI / Font scaling since v333 - font fixed in v392, but others not fixed
Party members should not have AI / override your actions - partially fixed, but auto-attack still needs work
Modal UI bug - some issues fixed, but there are still display issues with the action bar highlight fx
FPS drops when interacting with character creation buttons - lag when selecting VO fixed, FPS still drops but it's no big deal now
Beetles are bypassing 10 DT - There's some bug with the DT calculation now
Knock Down Bugs - I think 4/5 of the issues have been fixed

AI Loop doesn't update during movement for most enemies - need to check, but it still could use work

Beetles don't seem to have updated AI targeting clauses / Beetle pathfinding issues - AI targeting fixed, but loop could update faster

Interrupts occur on non-damaging spells - Fixed for some spells/abilities, but not all

Quest Issues by Rivmusique
Assorted v364 Bugs
Spells, Non-weapon based abilities and Ranged weapons need their range in the description
BB Wizard Implement attacks launch from PC's body
Ranger Animal Companion (or at least the Boar) uses increased Engagement range

Dudes that attack Aloth in Gilded Vale don't drop clothing or weapons

FIXED IN V392 or V435 (78 bug reports containing at least one bug)

Full Party Twerking (Animation Loop)
Rogue Attack Animation Loop
Persistent Flanked Affliction
SFX Bug with Waterwheel and Animal Companion in Dyrford Village
Bug with Accuracy and new stacking rules

BB Characters have insane health values sometimes
Animal Companions spawn outside of pathable terrain on some transitions
Unreachable dropped loot from corpse
Hendyna's Home and Blacksmith shop still have tile shaking issues
Adventurers Spawn inside the PC in Dracogen Inn

Portraits have a 1-2px gap around them in the UI

Bugs with Inventory Accuracy Tooltip, Off-hand weapons and Shields

Poor performance in Dialogue UI
Inventory Color Picker does not immediately update in game world
Bouncing Text in Character Record
Text Cut off in Item Descriptions
Mousing over friendly abilities causes strange interaction with targeting/selection
Text overlap on Fine Estoc Item Description
Enemies are still teleporting on pause
BB Fighter / Knockdown Persistence Issue
BB Rogue has Carnage
Skaen Cultists drop no equipped gear
Medreth's Group only drop one Hood
Medreth no longer drops his armor
Right-click move should position formation the same as left click move by default
Can't make a female pale elf that looks like new portrait
New targeting art briefly shows under NPCs feet when they play ambient dialogue
v364 Stealth Bugs
Changing from Windowed Mode to Fullscreen doesn't restore fullscreen main menu background correctly
Action Cancel bug
Medreth's Blinding Strike appears to be outdated
Strange bug with Accuracy 0 DT,  Paladin Flames of Devotion and Maces
Flames of Devotion has no recovery time
Camera position not remembered on save/load
Male Orlan Head 2 Missing
FPS drops when selecting characters
Poor Combat Performance / Microstutter when units and characters die
Shieldbearer's of St. Elgca don't have a Paladin specific Talent
Periodical game freezing

Blinking red corpses after looting

Party Manager breaks Area Transitions
Savegames do not show correct party portraits
Persistent Engagement circle
Targeting art shows briefly when NPC selection circle becomes visible
PC portrait tooltip cut off
Hit reaction VO plays on misses
UI scrollbar issues
Lighting/Art Bug with Hair and Skin color
Multiple bugs with Accuracy Suppression and Suppression display
Medreth attacking way too fast, Enemy Animal Companion seldom spawns
Bugs with Deflection Suppression, stacking and order of application of buffs
Rite of Hidden Wonders Scroll uses incorrect icon size
Volume Issue with UI button clicks
Making a quick save deletes all saves from every other character from your computer
Another Bug with Hiring Adventurers
Arcane Veil Tooltip doesn't state Deflection bonus or remaining duration

Hit reaction VO plays on non-damaging spells

Minor display bug with Grimoire Spells in Action Bar during Active Grimoire Cooldown
Hit duration being used for grazes and crits on various non-weapon based abilities and spells
Save games do not remember which modals you had active
Selecting a character that is reloading a firearm cancels their reload
Battle Axes do incorrect damage
Starting potions of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion do not stack
Area/World Map Toggle Bug
VFX bug with Barbarian Blooded ability, and possible explanation for glowing Nyfre
Party Stats Overlap Bug
Can't change "Next Tab" control
Issue: Queued Action should show on the action bar when paused
Inventory Portrait/slot placement is off
Another Broken Interactable Dracogen Inn Level 2
Possible bug(s) with damage calculation / weapon damage

Enchanting Accurate Weapons with accuracy bonuses - issues

Accurate 1 in Item Description hasn't been altered for Clubs and Rapiers

Engagement Arrow bug and Teleporting Beetle Bug

Can't select hair and skin color when skipping through CC options

Possible VFX bug with Barbs of Condemnation

Best of type weapons always use default damage type on grazes

Issue: Inventory Slot Icon should be blank when items are equipped - FIXED INTERNALLY



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