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Is it possible to get a "Consume" button in the item description for food items?



In the Infinity Engine games, you could drink potions and consumables from the inventory screen.




Potions etc are combat-only for Pillars of Eternity, but several consumables can be used out of combat. 




Because you tend to equip these items only to use them (which takes several button clicks/key presses to equip an item/close the inventory and then use the item from the Main HUD), I think it would be good to look into a button on the item description that allows the player to consume the item from within the inventory screen.

I think the game is paused in the inventory screen, which may be an issue - there's probably a few ways you could handle it, such as simply queuing the action, or just forgoing the animation and playing the consume sound, and adding the buff from the inventory.

I understand this may not be a feasible feature for release day though, but I would request it be added to the task list for a patch, if it doesn't make the cut.

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