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[392] Best of type weapons always use default damage type on grazes



In Unity, Best of weapons are set up to be one damage type by default, and an alternate damage as Best of type.


When you roll a graze with a Best of type weapon, such as a Pollaxe or Greatsword it *always* defaults to the default damage type on a graze, no matter the DR of the opponent.


Here are two images of a Pollaxe doing it on two separate occasions, and one image of a Greatsword doing it.






I believe this is true across all best of weapons - War Hammers, Swords, Pollaxes, Greatswords and Implements. Would also pay to check Monster damage too if they use best of as well.


Likely a programming error rather than a data error.


Expected Result: Best of type weapons should ALWAYS use the best damage type.

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