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[392] Enchanting Accurate Weapons with accuracy bonuses - issues



*WARNING* - This could be based on vastly out of date information, as we're now a month behind


In this video I enchant a Fine Spear with the Accurate 2 property. The Accurate 2 property suppresses the 'natural' Accurate property of the weapon.


While I expected this behavior, there needs to be something done about how this is displayed. Because even if Accurate 1 was being displayed properly, it doesn't give the player any indication of the fact that the bonus is suppressed (and I'm not even 100% sure if it's supposed to be suppressed, since it's supposed to be a 'natural' weapon bonus).

Then it brings into question what it does for the maximum amount of enchantments / quality of the item. Because it has suppressed the natural bonus of the item itself, the item is now 'worse' than what it would be if I had applied an Enchantment that was not an accuracy-related one (such as a damage type lash) and it is also possibly taking up an enchantment slot as well ?

So I'm not sure what should happen here, but I think this should probably happen


  • *If* the Accuracy bonuses aren't supposed to stack, then you should not be allowed to enchant 'Accurate' weapons such as spears, daggers, clubs and rapiers with the 'Accurate 1' property - because it wouldn't even work, and if you enchant one with the 'Accurate 2' property, it should override the Accurate 1 property completely, like delete it from the item and replace it, so it's less confusing to the player and it doesn't take up a potential 'enchantment' slot
  • The Accurate 2 shouldn't probably bump it up an item tier for the purpose of value because you're getting less than half the Accuracy bonus.

But yeah I can see a few potential issues here with other types of enchants too - something I think I'll dive into for the next patch, but I think this is an important one for now.

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