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[392] Beetles don't seem to have updated AI targeting clauses




Stone and Wood Beetles only attack the closest enemy unless engaged, and almost never re-acquire targets. You will see that even though there is no pathing space available to get to my Fighter, they still keep attempting to find pathing space to attack him.

They should look for a new target if there is no pathing space.


This is also one of the downsides of the larger creature collision sizes in Pillars of Eternity compared to the Infinity Engine games, there's going to be a lot of pathing issues because most creatures seem to have a large selection circle radius.

I would recommend decreasing the size of all beetles (the actual size of the creature, not just the selection circle) so that this is more manageable for larger groups, it's going to be just stupid on Path of the Damned.


Wood Beetles used to be smaller in v257, but because a backer pointed out that they didn't match the concept art size, they were increased in size. I'd like to ask that you abolish sticking to the concept art size in favor of what's better for the gameplay.

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