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Bumping my bug reports



Since bumping old bug reports seems to get old reported issues that haven't been corrected noticed I'm going to post links to all of my reports in here, and that way I can just keep bumping the thread without having to bump heaps of issues to the front page.


Bug reports:




Full Party Twerking (Animation Loop) - fixed in v392

Rogue Attack Animation Loop - fixed in v392

Persistent Flanked Affliction

SFX Bug with Waterwheel and Animal Companion in Dyrford Village

Bug with Accuracy and new stacking rules - fixed in v392

Occlusion not working properly

BB Characters have insane health values sometimes




Inaccurate Area Shadow Maps

Poor Quality 3D Door Textures (recognized by QA)

Dyrford Crossing Ogre Cave Entrance Navmesh Issue

Minor Dyrford Village Tile Art Bug

Animal Companions spawn outside of pathable terrain on some transitions

Unreachable dropped loot from corpse

Dyrford Crossing Character Shadow Issues

Minor Stormwall Gorge Tile Art Bug

Edge of Area Map in Stormwall Gorge not obscured by Fog of War (recognized by QA)

Characters disappear at the top of areas

Hendyna's Home and Blacksmith shop still have tile shaking issues

Adventurers Spawn inside the PC in Dracogen Inn  (recognized by QA)



Dengler Broken Dialogue Option

Quest Issues by Rivmusique




Poor performance in Dialogue UI

Really bad UI / Font scaling since v333 - font fixed in v392, but others not fixed

Portraits have a 1-2px gap around them in the UI  - fixed in v392

Bugs with Inventory Accuracy Tooltip, Off-hand weapons and Shields  (recognized by QA)

Incorrect Area Map image showing after ALT-TAB

Inventory Color Picker does not immediately update in game world

Bouncing Text in Character Record  fixed in v392

Text Cut off in Item Descriptions  - fixed in v392

Game difficulty resets when you exit the game

Mousing over friendly abilities causes strange interaction with targeting/selection

Text overlap on Fine Estoc Item Description




Rogue Escape gets cut off by edge of navmesh

Enemies are still teleporting on pause

BB Fighter / Knockdown Persistence Issue

BB Rogue has Carnage  fixed in v392


WYSIWYG Loot issues


Skaen Cultists drop no equipped gear

Medreth's Group only drop one Hood  fixed in v392

Medreth no longer drops his armor  fixed in v392

Dudes that attack Aloth in Gilded Vale don't drop clothing or weapons




TAB Functions not uniform across UI screens

Some characters have specific interaction locations

Can't reset dialogue window size

Right-click move should position formation the same as left click move by default  fixed in v392

Unit fading into the fog of war doesn't look great

Fix Cone and Ray spell interaction

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Hello Sensuki,


Thank you, this is a good idea. I will do my best to go through these and collectively add them to the known list. I'd like to add that the known issues list is primarily for forum tracking purposes and a visual for backers. A bug may take some time to reach the known list after being reported, but rest assured we are often already in effort to resolve it.


Many of these cases have been input into our database and though we try to actively respond to each thread, it can sometimes take us some time. That being said, it's still very helpful to bump threads that haven't been responded to, to ensure accuracy. So thank you for this list!



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@NCarver, it would be nice if you could put the date you last edited the Known Issues post, so it's easier to see if something has been added recently, or even color differently the changes you made when you last edited, if you are feeling like it. That way I won't have to scan the whole list to confirm I'm not reporting a known issue every time.


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