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Assorted v364 bugs/issues



I don't have time to record all of these at the moment, but before the new patch comes out I thought I'd throw these up here

  • Every now and again, the "Show Me Your Wares" option when talking with Hendyna for the first time doesn't go into her Shop Interface
  • When you kill a Wolf, their VO seems to linger too long after they die / plays after they are killed
  • Some colors in the color picker look bad in the model viewer because of post-processing
  • The SFX used for hits doesn't seem to be implemented correctly, blunt hit sounds are used for way too many things
  • Button click sounds are buggy, the click sound is 2-3x louder when clicking on certain elements, and seems to have a double click sound
  • Can pick talents like Greater Wildstrike before Wildstrike as a Druid, and I think some of the Priest Interdiction ones before Interdiction
  • When an enemy Priest is casting a heal spell and you pan down the camera during the spell FX playing, sometimes the FX bugs out and creates strange yellow lines vertically from their character
  • Attacking your own characters can have strange effects, like attacking themselves or the attacks coming from other party members.

    This one I have a video for

  • There currently seems to be only one Quick Save slot, which overrides other quick save slots for other characters.
  • Grimoire Cooldown should not occur at the start of a game / at the beginning of a loaded save, because if you enter combat immediately, the Wizard can't cast spells at the beginning
  • Auto attack should only occur after certain abilities have been used (Flames of Devotion, Crippling Strike, Knock Down etc) and after a player controlled unit has killed an enemy. Player controlled units should not auto attack after a move action, and auto-attack should not override any player issued commands
  • The change to ability tooltips is impractical - the actual raw numbers being shown on the tooltips was very useful, having to right click to see them now is annoying, but it is good that you can right click them. I would suggest removing the right click for details line and restoring them to how they were, but keeping the right click function and adding a loading tip about it
  • When you ALT-TAB back into the game, the highlight VFX for displaying a currently toggled on modal ability bugs out for a second or two before returning to normal shape
  • I find it ironic that a "Disable AoE Highlight" option was added into the latest patch, when that is pretty much the ONLY instance that the highlight shader on units is useful (as demonstrated by the bug that GordonHalfMan found the other day). I would prefer either a disable all unit highlighting option (like the option that I requested from Bester), or two seperate options for Disable AoE Highlight and Disable Highlight for everything else.
  • When a unit gets in range to attack a target and they are not in recovery, they do not immediately begin their attack animation. There is a delay caused by the animation blending from the run/move animation into the attack animation and this can cause issues in the instances where the attacking target is not engaging the target they are chasing/attacking. If their target moves out of range during the time between when they stop to attack because they are in range, and during the animation blending, they cannot get their attack animation off. This is not an issue for all weapons (it seems to work pretty well for Estocs), but is a problem for other weapons/attacks. I plan to record videos of this in the future, and I believe it could be solved by automatically playing the attack animation without blending when units are in range/attacks not being cancelled if a target moves out of range.
  • While not part of the beta, the recordings for female VO lines added in with the new patch are extremely sibilant, which would get very grating in the actual game - may require some EQing or something to correct, (eg. all female player voice sets in current beta files.)

  • FTR I do not have a naturally sibilant sound setup - ASUS Xonar Essense STX and Sennheiser HD650 headphones
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