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[435] Issue: Poor Audio / Visual Feedback when Crafting & Enchanting



In this video I demonstrate how there is virtually no feedback for successfully enchanting an item.

I have several recommendations to improve this
  • Add a sound that plays when successfully enchanting an item (such as a Hammer on metal sound)
  • Possibly display a preview of the Item stats inside the enchant UI underneath the enchantment information so that you can see that your item was successfully enchanted
  • Maybe add some sort of accompanying VFX on the Enchant button or on the item picture or something just to give some extra visual feedback - think about when you craft an item in the Horadric Cube in Diablo 2, it has that flashy effect on the squares



In this video I demonstrate the feedback for Crafting an item. A popup is displayed indicating that you've crafted the item. I would recommend using the sound of placing the item you crafted in the inventory to be played when you click the Craft button, so that it gives audio indication that you've crafted the item and it's now placed in your inventory


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