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[435] Halt VFX and Animation Bugs




Two issues here:


Unit/Creatures animation freezes when Halt is cast on them (or perhaps the Stuck Affliction). I think the fact that the game now supports frozen animations is great because it worked awesome for Hold and Paralyze spells in the Infinity Engine games and would be great for Paralyze/Petrify etc in Pillars of Eternity.

However I don't think it's supposed to be occuring here because when you move close to the Lion they unfreeze.

The second issue is that the Halt spell still has (bad) VFX. It was my understanding that those type of VFX were being removed from the game in favor of the affliction being shown on the unit tooltip. 

Either way, I would change the stuck affliction, or if the VFX team ever get time - put a VFX of a hand above the halted unit, since that would match the icon and be easily identifiable visually.


The spell appears to work correctly on the data side.

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