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[435] Several Issues with Combat State / Fog of War / Animal Companion




In this video, I try my usual test that I do every patch where I try and pull Medreth's group around the Church to see if the game now has updated AI targeting clauses.


In this version I noticed a few changes that are either buggy or not implemented correctly:


  • Most units now completely lose interest in combat if they can no longer see you through the Fog of War
  • The Cowled Priest and Medreth now seem to have heat-seeking AI, which is fine but the group AI is inconsistent
  • There appears to be updated AI targeting loops while moving for character classes now but it's very slow, I tested it to see if the Cowled Monk would attack my Wizard as I pulled him past, but it took three attempts to even get it to finally work
  • Now that Ranger and Animal Companion Health is split, there is are a few issues with the Ranger Animal Companion getting knocked out
    - They are still targetable on the ground (but any targeted moves automatically cancel)
    - If you kill them and there's no other enemies in sight, the combat state ends and they repeatedly get up over and over again

I would suggest that units still chase through the fog of war, they just need to update their targeting faster while moving. Units in the Infinity Engine games did this virtually instantly. I can provide videos of what happens in the Infinity Engine games if needed.

I would also suggest that enemy animal companions be killed when they are dropped, rather than knocked out. They could also possibly be tougher (Animal Companions in general) as they go down really easily, and the Ranger gets a huge debuff from it. Makes them quite a liability.

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