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[435] Afflictions overlap portraits and class resource display



I was very surprised when Afflictions were moved next to the character portrait under the premise of "because we can fit more afflictions". The above the portrait display I think was able to fit at least 10 status icons.

Here is what happens when you obtain 7 or more on the same party member in v435:






The 7th status icon (and others, when you get more) clip into the next party member's portrait.


So it turns out that (at least currently) it does not support more status icons than the previous setup.


You could disable more icons showing up once six status effects are reached. You could also widen the space between the portraits to accomodate an extra row, and allow 12 maximum before no more status icons are displayed, or you could go back to the old display.


Oh yeah, also the 6th status icon overlaps with class resources - Chanter Chants, Cipher Focus, Monk Wounds and Ranger Animal Companion






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