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[435] Chant Descriptions aren't modified by Attributes properly





In this image, you can see that the Chant and Linger Duration of this chant is 4 and 2 seconds, making a 6 second long chant. However these are the default values, and my Chanter has 18 Intellect.




As you can see in the game, the Chant duration is longer than the reported duration in the stat sheet. The stat sheet should show 5.6 seconds for the chant duration and 2.8 seconds for the linger duration.


Expected Result: Chant, Duration and Total Length should be affected by Bonus Duration from Attributes and other sources.

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Also, referencing the first screenshot, the title of chants (or spells, abilities, etc.) should not overlap the decorative border on the parchment-like UI screen (known issue?).

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