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  1. AndreaColombo's post in Characters all black except their hair was marked as the answer   
    This kind of issue is usually a sign of corrupted game files. If I'm right, a Verify/Repair should fix it up quite nicely.
  2. AndreaColombo's post in 4.0 Character models and NPCs are all Black Silhouettes was marked as the answer   
    Try a verify/repair through Steam or GoG Galaxy; sounds like some of the files may be corrupted.
  3. AndreaColombo's post in Armor (Freeze) Rating bugs? was marked as the answer   
    Could you post a screenshot?
  4. AndreaColombo's post in Watcher lost all Watcher abilities. was marked as the answer   
    Retraining wipes all Watcher abilities. The devs are aware, AFAIK.
  5. AndreaColombo's post in pink screen returns was marked as the answer   
    Same here. If you're on GoG, the only solution is to re-install the game from scratch
  6. AndreaColombo's post in Barbarian not fighting was marked as the answer   
    Is your main character wearing Fenwalkers? It stopped happening to me when I removed them.
  7. AndreaColombo's post in 3.0 Beta Priest issues was marked as the answer   
    Then it's a known bug from the 3.0 beta (patch notes don't make it clear and only say seals don't work, but in reality they also prevent other spells from being cast afterward.) It will be fixed before 3.0 final is released.
  8. AndreaColombo's post in No picture icon for Gramferel the Wayfarer reward was marked as the answer   
    It's temporary because art for most new items wasn't ready when the beta patch was released. All items will get new icons when 3.0 final is released; it was confirmed by QA.
  9. AndreaColombo's post in [v3.00.929 PX1-Steam] No Turning Wheel? was marked as the answer   
    HawkSoft— keep in mind that Scion of Flame will only increase the burn damage from Turning Wheel after it's been calculated. I.e. it is not 25% (Turning Wheel) + 20% (Scion of Flame) = 45% burn damage; rather, if you deal, say, 20 crush damage, then it's 20 * 25% = 5 burn damage from Turning Wheel, plus 5 * 20% = 1 burn from Scion of Flame, for a total of 20 crush + 6 burn.
    That said, there is of course a chance that Scion of Flame is not working at all with Turning Wheel—just wanted to point out the workings because, as with most mechanics in PoE, they tend to be unobvious
  10. AndreaColombo's post in Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath Enchantment DR bug was marked as the answer   
    Specifically, chain mail's base DR is 9, with 50% Crush DR (9 * 50% = 4.5 rounded up to 5 by the UI.)
    Fine enchantment gives you 11 base DR, and 11 * 50% = 5.5 Crush DR, rounded up to 6 by the UI.
    Crush proofing further brings this to (11+3) * 50% = 7 Crush DR.
    So, no bug. Just a non-intuitive UI, as Boeroer mentioned.
  11. AndreaColombo's post in Am I using command console incorrectly? was marked as the answer   
    Just tried and it works perfectly well for me.
    When you bring up the console and type "IRoll20s", you should get a message in the log that says "Cheats Enabled - Warning - Achievements disabled for this game."
    Then "AddItem crossbow_wendgar 1" gave me the crossbow as expected. Usually you get the error message when you try to cheat without enabling cheats first (though you say you did type IRoll20s.)
  12. AndreaColombo's post in Steam game Origin expansion was marked as the answer   
    Afraid you'll have to stick to Steam for it to work.
  13. AndreaColombo's post in Anti-Aliasing Toggle was marked as the answer   
    Under Graphics there's a slider called "Graphics Quality". It governs anti-aliasing. The leftmost setting turns it off, the rightmost setting is 8X. The one in the middle I guess is 4X.
  14. AndreaColombo's post in 2.02 Corrode Damage Reduction Enchantment broken was marked as the answer   
    Base - 5 DR
    Corrode - 5 * 50% = 2.5 DR (rounded up to 3 by the UI.)
    Exceptional Hide
    Base - 5 + 4 = 9 DR
    Corrode - 9 * 50% = 4.5 DR (rounded up to 5 by the UI.)
    Exceptional Hide with proofing
    Corrode - (9 + 3) * 50% = 6 DR
    It's working as intended. The UI's failure to communicate this has already been raised to the devs.
  15. AndreaColombo's post in What? Cannot Continue WM After Dropping In Pit? was marked as the answer   
    This is about the 1000th thread about this.
    Obsidian was always very upfront about TWM being a mid-game expansion. Never was it implied in previews, sneak peaks, trailers or interviews that the expansion would be playable after beating the game (a massively counter intuitive concept that has seemingly become very popular nowadays.)
    Not only that, but the game is also very upfront in repeatedly telling you that you can't exit the pit once you enter it. It even creates an automatic save called "PRE ENDGAME" for you right before you jump in. It's not like it should come as a surprise that you can't leave?
  16. AndreaColombo's post in Druid not casting lightning spells after patch 2.01 was marked as the answer   
    Everyone. It's a known bug in 2.01 which will be fixed in 2.02.
  17. AndreaColombo's post in Accuracy Bonus of Weapons not working was marked as the answer   
    It's a known UI bug from patch 2.01. It will fix itself when you enter combat.
  18. AndreaColombo's post in Offensive talents was marked as the answer   
    It's a known UI bug introduced with 2.01. Accuracy is displayed incorrectly until you enter combat, then it will look correct. Mechanically it is working fine; check your combat log and you'll see your Accuracy is 36 from the start.
  19. AndreaColombo's post in Leveling up - All Classes Skills available was marked as the answer   
    Aren't you referring to the multi-class talents that were added by the expansion?
  20. AndreaColombo's post in This is embarrasing was marked as the answer   
    There's no way to leave Sun in Shadows once entered. In order to play the expansion with your old party, you need to load the "PRE-ENDGAME" save the game automatically generates when you enter Sun in Shadows; you can play the new content, then head back to Sun in Shadows and kill Thaos.
  21. AndreaColombo's post in Dandy Hat of the Diseased Yak was marked as the answer   
    are you wearing any other item that grants a bonus to Resolve?
    In that case, the two effects wouldn't stack.
  22. AndreaColombo's post in [2.0 beta] Hunter's Animal Companion AI not working was marked as the answer   
    Yes. It is listed in the known issues.
  23. AndreaColombo's post in I cannot save charmed soldiers was marked as the answer   
    The guide is incorrect. There is no way to save those guards. It was confirmed post-release by Matt Sheets.
  24. AndreaColombo's post in [1.06] Super Minor Bug - Text on Loading Screens Outside Text Box was marked as the answer   
    I'm fairly sure I've seen a report about this already, with an answer from QA saying it's been logged internally. Unfortunately I do not have a link handy, however.
    EDIT: Found it.
  25. AndreaColombo's post in 1.06 Paladin Aura Size was marked as the answer   
    Were the auras active when you loaded your game?
    Loading a game with active auras increases their size; it is a known issue (I generally deactivate auras before saving to avoid it.)
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