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Am I using command console incorrectly?



I'm trying to use a simple command to spawn an item but it just keeps saying "The command or script "additem" is not available at this time". I'm looking for the Wendgär crossbow and an adra scale, gamepedia says the names for the items are in the objectbundle folder. I found them and the names are "crossbow_wendgar" and "part_adra_dragon_scale", therefore my command is "additem crossbow_wendgar 1".


But it doesn't work, and I am typing "iroll20s" before the item command. I'm not super familiar with how this works so I just wanted to check in here and see if I'm doing something wrong.

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Just tried and it works perfectly well for me.


When you bring up the console and type "IRoll20s", you should get a message in the log that says "Cheats Enabled - Warning - Achievements disabled for this game."


Then "AddItem crossbow_wendgar 1" gave me the crossbow as expected. Usually you get the error message when you try to cheat without enabling cheats first (though you say you did type IRoll20s.)

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Don't type "iroll20s additem...". Don't know if you did - but that doesn't work.


I also tried this and it works in my game (2.03 Linux).


Step by step:

First you open the console.

Hit enter.

Then you type "iroll20s" -> enter.

Then you open up the console again -> enter.

Now you type "additem crossbow_wendgar 1" -> enter.

The crossbow should now be somewhere in your inventory (not the stash). It will go into the stash if there's no place left in the inventory

As AndreaC said, you will get messages if the command was executed successfully. They are green if an item was added to your inventory.


Hope this works for you.

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