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2.02 Corrode Damage Reduction Enchantment broken



Added Enchantment to an Exceptional Hide with default 5 Corrode DR and now it changed to 6 (only +1 added), should be 8.


Tried it with another armor, Exceptional Brigandine, corrode DR 11, now shows 13 (only +2 added).


It works ok if applied to an armor that does not have a different corrode DR value.

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Base - 5 DR

Corrode - 5 * 50% = 2.5 DR (rounded up to 3 by the UI.)


Exceptional Hide


Base - 5 + 4 = 9 DR

Corrode - 9 * 50% = 4.5 DR (rounded up to 5 by the UI.)



Exceptional Hide with proofing


Corrode - (9 + 3) * 50% = 6 DR



It's working as intended. The UI's failure to communicate this has already been raised to the devs.

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I was about to post a thread but I searched and found this.


If what you say is true then Fine Hide armor has 7 * 0.5 = 3.5 (4) Corrode DR. I have not verified this.


So why does the 0.5 penalty apply to Proofing bonus? Why can't you just give us the amount we're paying for? Why wouldn't proofing just add the same amount to any armor? This makes it useless to buff the weakness out of an armor...



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