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What? Cannot Continue WM After Dropping In Pit?



So I purchased PoE knowing I would like it, as I go back a long ways to the Black Isle days and decided I was enjoying it so much, I wanted WM in order to extend gameplay and purchased it before I fininished main quest in PoE.

Got some of the WM quest before descending into the pit to face off against Thaos ......and of course, I'm sure most of you know what happens next....game over ! Never getting the chance to get close to the WM content and in order to play it I will have to start from the very beginning.

And yes, I have 10 saves I rotate through, in case I ever need to go back ( this method has served me well with all the rpg's I have played in the past) but, of course all my saves are AFTER I dropped into the pit!

I believe that at some point during the purchase or install of WM, it needs to be stated, "In order to pursue any add-ons/expansion, DO NOT complete the main quest in PoE!"

Sorry, just my 2 cents but, this was just a bad design and implementtion!

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This is about the 1000th thread about this.


Obsidian was always very upfront about TWM being a mid-game expansion. Never was it implied in previews, sneak peaks, trailers or interviews that the expansion would be playable after beating the game (a massively counter intuitive concept that has seemingly become very popular nowadays.)


Not only that, but the game is also very upfront in repeatedly telling you that you can't exit the pit once you enter it. It even creates an automatic save called "PRE ENDGAME" for you right before you jump in. It's not like it should come as a surprise that you can't leave?

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It's not so much that everyone mindlessly attacks unsatisfied players.  I think it's more that certain complaints crop up constantly, it starts to feel like people don't read anything or search the forums for existing topics, instead just having a complaint and immediately making a new post to gripe.


You can't go back and do anything after jumping into the pit (that's explicitly stated in-game as a point of no return).  That's not an issue specific to the White March content, which by the way you had already started, therefore you can't possibly have thought it was post-game content.

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