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  1. Is there any way via IE mod or such to allow access to Stronghold menu doing this? It's locked out when you enter endgame area and if you teleport out it seems to stay locked. Thanks, Guylos
  2. Yea, was in the same boat as you mate. This forum is pretty toxic to anyone who dares question a design choice. Sorry you can't play the expansion you bought unless you have loads of free time to replay everything you already did.
  3. All of my saves are apparently after jumping into the pit, the supposed "pre end game" autosave isn't there, and as such I am unable to play the white march without replaying the game which I do not have the time to do. Are there any plans to patch some way out of this situation since I am not the only person with this problem and the general response to questions about this on the general forums is fanboy hate? Please let me know as I would actually like to play the expansion I payed for. Thank you.
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