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  1. Pure damage numbers are low compared to other forms. I play Fury\Monk now, but I'd reroll Fury\Bleak Walker today and try again.
  2. 1 perc = 1 acc there is even gloves in early game that gives you +3 acc. No point to raise acc higher than 16-18. Resolve really won't help you much. Paladins already have class passives to boost deflection and other defences. Int 20 not neccessary at all.
  3. What the heck about "the Jedi in a spiritual sense of being connected to all living things"? Where did you get this? Jedi's code There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force. It's a MONK in all senses. Monk\Cipher is a great "Jedi" concept. Forget about Druid\Cipher, they don't synergies with each other. Believe me, i've tried. Jedis are not nature warriors or nature wardens. They are peacekeepers and sentinels. If you wanna create some "nature" Jedi, try Druid\Paladin or Druid\Fighter. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98651-class-build-the-green-knight/
  4. Hello! Take All button doesn't work sometimes. Thou you can put loot to chest\character manually clicking on them.
  5. Hello! Last answer about this issue was on June 08, it said "we're working on it for the next patch". I just would like to remind you that there were 2 patches since June 08. Or make it as another "penalty" on Ghost Heart Ranger
  6. 1handed(without shield) must give +15%dmg and +10acc. 2handed must give +25%dmg dual-wield must give -15acc and dmg scale with DEX dual-wield talent must give +5acc than +15%action speed *d&d mechanics*
  7. Don't forget that Ascendant Cipher get +3 PL to their spells when Ascended. So you literally compensate your lower PL when ascended.
  8. The title says all. You can try it yourself on any druid with enabled weapon\shield modal. After spiritshift weapon modal disabled. It would be good if game can "remember" those little thing Thanks in advance!
  9. AFAIK, it's my system's problem. I don't have those problems on another PC. So, i'd be glad to hear where the problem(s) is(are) Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello! I've random crashes and game says something like "Oops! Something goes wrong, crash report created, send it to Obsidian!" So i've collected some files for you Save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18p9c-jRk9uu3PhqFUGk66DuN2MSxE5Dz/view?usp=sharing DxDiag.txt 2018-07-25_101628.zip
  11. Confounding Blind(lower deflection) vs good Accuracy. Think about it. You can raise your accuracy to the sky with Xoti's 1st lvl spell and some trinckets. I think "worse enemy deflection" doesn't cost 2! talents on multiclass.
  12. to OP why you even use Blinding Strike ? You've a good 1lvl Cipher blinding spell. Yep, i'd choose it than Whispers of Treason, cause Whispers too OP. Rogue's Blinding Strike with Cipher is no go IMHO. Eyestrike > Tenuous Grasp upgrade Crippling Strike to Arterial Strike - there much melee enemies who will move on you or your party Take Silent Scream, don't take Wihhering Strike. Too much rogue's abilities. Balance this build a little. Bears fortitude? Why not +15 Will?
  13. to OP why you even use Blinding Strike ? You've a good 1lvl Cipher blinding spell. Yep, i'd say to choose it than Whispers of Treason, cause they are OP. Rogue's Blinding Strike with Cipher is no go IMHO. Don't apoligize, it's a well-done build, i really appreciate your work! if you play with party there are much better CC guys\gurls who can save your (and party's) arse. if you play DUO PoTD - Rogue\Cipher could be viable CC.
  14. Yep, the "low resolve thing" could be solved in many ways. But the Streetfighter\pure Rogue\Cipher still most DD\CC ranged multiclass in short time (30s+) battles.
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